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February 1, 2023

Love is in the air, and handball on the court!

February is the month dedicated to love – but which precisely? Handball? Why not!?  After the exciting January that brought us a lot of excitement on the handball courts in the IHF World Championship and new World Champions Denmark, now is the time to get back on track in other […]
January 9, 2023

OFF THE COURT TALKS – Karlo Vugrinec: “To be persistent and motivated is halfway to success”

Sport is his life. From a very young age, Karlo Vugrinec joined a football club in his hometown, dreaming of becoming a professional football player or athlete. Unfortunately, life circumstances and injuries changed his plans, but not extremely. Karlo remained in sports. He is now a conditioning coach with his […]
January 2, 2023

New year, new handball events to look forward to

It is finally here! Yes, New Year too, but we are ready for the 28th IHF Men’s World Championship that will take place in Sweden and Poland from the 11th to the 29th of January. Even though everything is dedicated to the World Championship, there are other things we are […]
December 15, 2022

Detroit HC: “Our priority is to create a healthy environment through playing handball”

They say that football is the most important secondary thing in the world. For Americans that might be true, but with an emphasis on basketball and baseball. Another sport played with the ball; handball, is aside. In the USA there is no particular public interest in this sport. While in […]
December 5, 2022

Let’s celebrate International Volunteer Day!

Each year we are especially looking forward to 5 December because it’s time to celebrate International Volunteer Day. On this occasion, we remember all dedicated volunteers who unselfishly spend their time helping and improving different handball events. According to that, we talked to Zara and Mia who were part of […]
December 2, 2022

December to remember – handball edition

The year is ending, and another chapter is closing, but some handball matches and tournaments are still to be played. As we got used to the EHF’s activities over the last months, in December we are also looking forward to five exciting tournaments- Machinseeker EHF Champions League group phase, EHF […]

Players to Fans

  • I hope our fans will be there.
    Andrei Yurinok
    Meshkov Brest left winger - Season 2018/2019
  • I am happy fans were here for us and I hope they'll keep on coming to support us in the future as well.
    Hrvoje Horvat
    Nexe coach - Season 2018/2019
  • We must improve and invite our fans to come and support us.
    Roman Tsarapkin
    Tatran Presov left back - Season 2018/2019
  • We wanted to come out victorious for our fans who provided us with some amazing support throughout the year.
    Vid Poteko
    Meshkov Brest's pivot - Season 2018/2019
  • I’m happy to play in front of our fans!
    Gabrijel Misetic
    Izvidjac's pivot - Season 2018/2019
  • The whole match was quite narrow and interesting for all the fans.
    Dmitrij Kiselev
    Vardar's right back - Season 2018/2019
  • It was really great to play here in front of our fans today.
    Mirko Misetic
    Izvidjac's left winger - Season 2018/2019
  • I hope fans will be there to support us once again.
    Slavko Goluza
    Tatran Presov's coach - Season 2018/2019
  • I believe the atmosphere here today was really great and I like the fact that so many fans came to see this match.
    Hrvoje Horvat
    Nexe's coach - Season 2018/2019
  • We don’t want to disappoint our fans, which is why we’ll look to give our best to get this win.
    Dejan Milosavljev
    Vardar's goalkeeper - Season 2018/2019
  • We expect a good atmosphere and hope all the fans will enjoy the encounter.
    Roberto Parondo
    Vardar's coach - Season 2018/2019
  • Our goal in this one will, as always, be to play good handball and deliver a solid performance for all of our fans who are expecting us to come out victorious.
    Dainis Kristopans
    Vardar's right back - Season 2018/2019
  • We have to give our best in order to come out victorious in front of our fans.  
    Hrvoje Horvat
    Nexe's coach - Season 2018/2019
  • I'd also like to use the opportunity to invite fans to support us!
    Igor Chupryna
    Tatran Presov's goalkeeper - Season 2018/2019
  • We have amazing fans!
    Dejan Milosavljev
    Vardar's goalkeeper - Season 2018/2019
  • It's nice when you see a full hall, constant cheering, and support. That's what's beautiful in sports.
    Raul Gonzalez
    Vardar's coach - Season 2017/2018
  • It was great to be a part of all this.
    Domen Makuc
    Celje PL centre back - Season 2017/2018
  • The feeling is amazing obviously, I mean we've managed to defend the title in this amazing atmosphere, in front of our fans.
    Igor Karacic
    Vardar centre back - Season 2017/2018
  • It was a great final, full of emotions and fighting spirit on both sides. Of course, we're happy we managed to defend the title at home.
    Ivan Cupic
    Vardar right wing - Season 2017/2018
  • I have to congratulate both my teammates and fans on this victory.
    Luka Cindric
    Vardar centre back - Season 2017/2018
  • Great way to close SEHA season in front of our fans in my opinion.
    Ivan Distol
    Dinamo left back - Season 2017/2018
  • I'd like to thank our fans for being here for us through the full course of the season.
    Ivan Petkovic
    Dinamo coach - Season 2017/2018
  • Very good performance and lots of positive things.
    Ivan Pesic
    Meshkov Brest goalkeeper - Season 2017/2018
  • I’d like to thank our fans who were once again here for us.
    Stefan Saponjic
    Dinamo line player - Season 2017/2018
  • First of all I must praise our fans for atmosphere they created tonight.
    Ivan Petkovic
    Dinamo coach - Season 2017/2018
  • There were a lot of fans in the hall today and the atmosphere was really great.
    Raul Gonzalez
    Vardar coach - Season 2017/2018
  • We are eager to show our fans a good match as proof of hard work we're putting in lately. I'd also like to invite them to come as support us.
    Savo Slavuljica
    Dinamo left winger - Season 2017/2018
  • It's always nice to come to Nasice. This time the hall was full and it is clear that people here understand handball.
    Mijajlo Marsenic
    Vardar line player - Season 2017/2018
  • Congratulations to NEXE on a good mach and good atmosphere. I hope the fans enjoyed this one.
    Raul Gonzalez
    Vardar coach - Season 2017/2018
  • Our goal is to play the best possible match in front of our fans!
    Igor Cagalj
    Vojvodina line player - Season 2017/2018
  • We need to show much more to justify the trust of both the club and our fans.
    Kostadin Petrov
    Metalurg line player - Season 2017/2018
  • Playing in front of our fans, in front of full stands, in the atmosphere in which you feel how the fans carry you and cheer you on at any moment is a priceless and beautiful feeling that helps the players!
    Stipe Mandalinic
    PPD Zagreb left back - Season 2017/2018
  • Match was really interesting and tense. Nice atmosphere, congrats to all the fans who were in the hall in Pancevo tonight!
    Branko Tamse
    Celje PL coach - Season 2017/2018
  • I’d like to thank our fans - this was my first match here in Nasice and it will be really nice to play here if the atmosphere can be like this every time we play!
    Marin Jelinic
    Nexe left winger - Season 2017/2018
  • We’re happy that we’ll finally play a match in front of our fans. I believe they’ll once again be here for us!
    Kristian Beciri
    Celje PL line player - Season 2017/2018
  • All in all, we've played a solid game and I believe fans were enjoying it.
    Slavko Goluza
    Tatran coach - Season 2017/2018
  • I’d like to invite fans to come to the hall and support us!
    Darko Arsic
    Metalurg goalkeeper - Season 2017/2018
  • I hope we'll find strength to play whole matches in the future like we did in the first half today. Our fans deserve that.
    Hrvoje Horvat
    Nexe coach - Season 2017/2018
  • I can promise that we will be focused and give our maximum and we'll see what it brings us. I'd like to invite our fans to come and support us!
    Ivan Petkovic
    Dinamo coach - Season 2017/2018
  • Meshkov Brest did a good job bringing fans closer to the team. You can feel their presence each match and it can be really helpful. I can say fans in Skopje are amazing as well!
    Dainis Kristopans
    Vardar right back - Season 2017/2018
  • This will be our first match of the season in front of our fans and I hope many of them will be in the hall on Tuesday. It is always better to play in front bigger audience.
    Marko Buvinic
    Nexe right winger - Season 2017/2018
  • Atmosphere in the hall was great as it was filled with spectators and it was great honor to play in front of them!
    Luka Mitrovic
    Celje PL centre back - Season 2017/2018
  • Thanks to all of our fans for the support, I hope they show up in even bigger amount in the following encounters!
    Zlatko Horvat
    PPD Zagrebs right winger - Season 2016/2017
  • We want to win for our fans but we need their help against big rivals.
    Ivan Srsen
    NEXE's right back - Season 2016/2017
  • Florijani are the best, they are our extra player. It’s hard to play and win without them.
    Blaž janc
    Celje PL's right winger - Season 2016/2017
  • Our fans can help us reach good result against strong teams.
    Branko Tamše
    Celje PL's head coach - Season 2016/2017
  • I believe our fans will follow us and be great as always.
    Aron Palmarsson
    MVM Veszprém's left back - Season 2015/2016
  • I want to tell our fans to enjoy handball because that's why we are here.
    Momir Ilić
    MVM Veszprém's left back - Season 2015/2016
  • When we are playing in front of our fans our goal is always to win.
    Dainis Kristopans
    Meshkov Brests right back - Season 2015/2016
  • We would like to present a big victory to our fans.
    Vyacheslav Shumak
    Meshkov Brests line player - Season 2015/2016
  • We would like to show our best performance for our fans.
    Dainis Kristopans
    Meshkov Brests right back - Season 2015/2016
  • Our advantage are our amazing fans whose presence I expect to bring us towards another victory.
    Raul Gonzales
    Vardars head coach - Season 2015/2016
  • It is very good for handball to have such great fans.
    Strahinja Milić
    Vardars Goalkeeper - Season 2015/2016
  • The hall is full almost every match. Fans are a great support, well done! We definitely have our 8th player.
    Mislav Nenadić
    NEXEs right back, 11.02.2016. - Season 2015/2016
  • Sport is sport because of the fans. It´s million times better to play in front of full stands that create an atmosphere and cheer, than to play when the atmosphere is like you are in the theater.
    Damir Efendić
    Borac m:tels goalkeeper, 23.12.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • You can be the best in the world, but if there is no one to encourage and support you, it would not have any meaning. Sports cannot exist without fans.
    Radoslav Antl
    Tatran Prešovs left winger, 20.12.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • In the most important moments of the match, when the fans are making a noise, when they are screaming and shouting, the player gets chills and by that he gives more than he can, more than his average.
    Luka Arsenić
    Vojvodinas goalkeeper - Season 2015/2016
  • The fans are helping us the most when we are defending ourselves and with their cheering, they are putting pressure to our opponents, but also referees.
    Zlatko Horvat
    PPD Zagrebs right winger, 25.11.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • Our biggest possible motive is full sports hall and moments when fans and players are like one, playing together.
    Vedran Zrnić
    Nexes right winger, 13.11.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • The relationship between the fans and the team is intimate. We always try to do our best to serve them and thank them for the 60-minute or even longer cheering and as I see this love is mutual because they have been by our side through foul and fair.
    Laszlo Nagy
    Veszprems right back, 08.11.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • There are, of course, some difficult moments at the court but the fans are the ones who are pushing us forward.
    Arpad Šterbik
    Vardars goalkeeper, 27.10.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • It was never more important to ask our fans to come to the match and to be our eight player, to make a pressure on our opponents and to help us get to this two big points.
    Veselin Vujović
    PPD Zagrebs coach, 19.11.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • The best fans of the continent are behind us and I am sure they will prove this in the frame of #be8player campaign of SEHA League and help us a lot during the game once again.
    Péter Gulyás
    Veszprems right winger, 10.11.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • I ask fans to come to the game in biggest number and take part in #be8player campaign of SEHA League.
    Xavi Sabate
    Veszprems coach, 09.11.2015.- Season 2015/2016
  • In front of our fans we're always favorites.
    Veselin Vujović
    PPD Zagrebs coach, 15.12.2014.- Season 2014/2015
  • We're impressed from rival, hall and home supporters.
    Marin Sakic
    Nexes line player, 05.10.2013. - Season 2013/2014
  • I would like to thank to all of our fans for support and I'm sure there will be even more of them in matches ahead of us.
    Zdenko Kordi
    NEXEs coach, 18.2.2015. - Season 2014/2015
  • The League will be a very good and interesting for fans.
    Milos Kostadinovic
    Partizans winger, 22.08.2013. - Season 2013/2014
  • We have to make our fans happy and proud.
    Igor Rađenović
    Borac m:tels coach, 17.3.2015. - Season 2014/2015
  • Our goal is to win, of course, for our fans especially.
    Antonio Carlos Ortega
    MKB MVM Veszprems coach, 26.3.2015. - Season 2014/2015
  • It was nice to see this connection between fans and handball club Zagreb. It is obvious that the fans are coming back to handball and you can see it in Kutija šibica as well as in the Arena Zagreb, and I think that this is a nice example for other sports.
    Blaženko Lacković
    Vardars left back, 01.11.2015. - Season 2015/2016
  • With our fans right behind us, we can make big things.
    Zdenko Kordi
    NEXEs coach, 03.03.2015. - Season 2014/2015
  • We will give our best to play better and win in order to attract more fans.
    Uros Elezovic
    Vojvodinas left back, 22.10.2013. - Season 2013/2014
  • It is nice to play in front of  full stands. The fans are giving us some strength, tail wind.
    Tin Kontrec
    PPD Zagrebs line player - Season 2015/2016
  • “We fully respect our opponents, but no matter that we would like to win giving our fans a certain reward for supporting us.”
    Branislav Zeljkovic
    Spartak Vojputs coach - Season 2015/2016
  • In front of our fans we want to win everything.
    Gašper Marguč
    MKB MVM Veszprems right winger, 29.03.2015. - Season 2014/2015

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