Be the 8th player of your team!
October 19, 2015
The project ‘Be 8th player’ has started
October 27, 2015

“Every player is happy to play in front of the audience like the one we have in Vardar. When we come to the court before the match, in front of the full hall, we don’t need to warm up because they are warming us up and we are already ready for the match. They motivate us with their support at every match. The fans are always there for us and it really means a lot to us. There are, of course, some difficult moments at the court but the fans are the ones who are pushing us forward. With their support we are able to walk out of difficult situation and to win. I wish that we continue successful collaboration with them. I want fans to stay by our side, that we become better with them and that they keep to motivate us. Fans love this club and they love this team, as well as we do, and together we can score many more great results. Skoplje and people here deserve good results.”