First matches are behind us

It’s time for ‘Be 8th player’ matches
October 28, 2015
International break is here but #be8player continues
November 2, 2015

First matches of the ‘Be 8th player’ campaign were played and the atmosphere was great at each match. The fans were really the eight player of their favorite club and helped Tartan Prešov as well as Nexe to take the home wins against PPD Zagreb and Maks Strumica. Veszprem is still unbeaten after the matches against Borac, Vojvodina and Spartak Vojput. Their fans traveled far just to cheer for their favorite players and you could hear “Veszprem, Veszprem, Veszprem” from the stands. A lot of fan songs, scarfs, jerseys and hats at the stands made very nice photos as well as the atmosphere.

Do not forget to post your fan photos on SEHA-Gazprom League Facebook page as well as Twitter and Instagram profile with #be8player.

Show how the real fan looks like at tomorrows matches when Vardar is facing Borac and Tartan Prešov is aiming for the victory against Maks Strumica.

Join us and be the eight player!