Arpad Sterbik about fans
October 27, 2015

It has already been a year since the launch of the whole ‘Be 8 player’ project, but the idea itself appeared much earlier. We wanted to create a platform where all handball lovers and the team supporters come together. A platform whose center of the interest are you, the teams’ eighth players, and whose main goals are team spirit and unity. A platform that will promote sports and sportsmanship. And only because of your support we succeeded in doing it. It has been a great year and that’s why we want to make the second one even greater. Besides the opportunity to make true friends and memories by contributing to this project, this year ‘Be 8 player’ wants to bring you even closer to experiencing handball. It wants you to feel the connection to your team and to see your team respond to your support.

At the start of the project there were 10 matches at which the best handball clubs from all around the region promoted our campaign. Thanks to SEHA – Gazprom League members, our project came to life, and very soon we could see #be8player shirts spreading all around social media. Photos and videos of you and your friends wrapped in joy are what we enjoy seeing and why we are looking forward to every single picture of yours. ‘Be 8 player’ went all around the region. From Slovakia, thanks to Tatran Presov, all the way to Croatia’s NEXE, Macedonian Maks Strumica, Vojvodina and Spartak Vojput in Serbia and Borac m:tel from Bosnia and Herzegovina. All that topped up with the 2016 SEHA FINAL 4 squad – Telekom Veszprem, Vardar, PPD Zagreb and Meshkov Brest. Thanks to our amazing players who open-mindedly welcomed the project, but thanks to every single one of you as well for contributing just as much as them.

But ‘Be 8 player’ did not stop at the borders of SEHA members. We visited the European Championship 2016 in Poland where we, with the help of SEHA League representatives, presented the idea of our project to the whole Europe…

Thanks to your contribution, ‘Be 8 player’ is still rising to date. Having seen your suport, we decided to open new platforms to expand our community and so you could reach us even easier. Share your passion for handball with us and get rewarded! How? Simply using #be8player hashtag and making sure you are following our Facebook ‘Be8player’ and Instagram (@be8player) to see the latest news and giveaways. Gather your friends and join us!