Prepare yourself for new matches
November 24, 2015
Keep on playing, 8th players!
December 2, 2015

New week is here and this means only one: new matches to attend and new fan photos to take. Zagreb won on Saturday the match against Vojvodina and eighth players were also there. New matches are scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday Spartak Vojput is awaiting Vojvodina and Borac are aiming for a victory against Tatran Prešov. On Wednesday, it’s time for Macedonian derby, Vardar are hosting Maks Strumica in Jane Sandanski hall and on Saturday, Nexe are playing against Spartak Vojput.

Eighth players, there is a lot of matches to see. So, put your cameras or phones in your hands and take a lot of photos. Post it to SEHA-Gazprom League Facebook wall, Twitter feed or Instagram profile with #be8player hashtag.

Join us, we are waiting for you!