Eighth players, are you ready?
November 21, 2015
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November 24, 2015
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Zlatko Horvat talks about eighth players

- Zlatko HORVAT (18) of PPD Zagreb at the portrait shooting for Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom League Magazine, 10.02.2015 Zagreb, Croatia. Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/ Uroš Hočevar.

“It’s not in vain to say that our fans are our eighth player. Of course that they are pushing us to better engagement at the court and that we always need them. Also, it’s always easier to play at home because of our fans, but it’s nice to play in a good atmosphere away. The fans are helping us the best when we are defending ourselves and with their cheering, they are putting pressure to our opponents, but also referees. Especially, I remember the match in Spaladium Arena when our national team played against Spain. I haven’t played then, I was the 18th player of our national team, but I remember that the atmosphere was great. And as for the club, I remember the most the matches played in “Ledena dvorana”. We know what “Dom sportova” means for handball. It was a special experience and I’m really glad that I was a part of that history too.”