Luka Arsenic emphasized how important the fans are

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December 5, 2015
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December 8, 2015
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Luka Arsenic emphasized how important the fans are

The fans are an integral part of the team. When you have your fans behind you, you’ve got a wind in you’re back and then it’s easier to bear the pressure of the match. Instead of 100 per cent, which you could give, you give 150 or 170 per cent and by that you’re winning some matches, which are maybe harder to win. When there are no fans, when the hall is empty, you feel empty and depressed and that is why we need fans. They are our new player, which we always need. The handball in Novi Sad is not so popular and there are no many fans. When I look, Zagreb for example, they have the fans that know and are into handball. They will compliment their every goal and bring an extra motive to play good matches and win against teams like Barcelona, Kiel and others.

In the most important moments of the match, when the fans are making a noise, when they are screaming and shouting, the player gets chills and by that he gives more than he can, more than his average.

I remember the most the match against Chekhovskie Medvedi, which we played at home. The “Spens” hall was full, around four or five thousand fans and I think that never happened before in the history of handball in Novi Sad. They were a key factor when the match was tough and they made a pressure on the opponents as well as on the referees. They were then our tail wind; we won this match and took a history win.

My family and my girlfriend are always watching my matches, but I’ve noticed a few older fans and they are watching the handball for years. I don’t know him or her personal, but they are at every match of Vojvodina and they know every player. Well done and I thank them for that.

I’m inviting our fans to come to the matches; we’ll do our best to thank them with victories. If we will win matches, we will attract more fans and I think this would be a great thing for handball in Novi Sad.