Ready, steady, cheer! The final round is here!

Five days until the Finals of Euro 2016!
January 26, 2016
Second part of the season continues today!
February 2, 2016

After final six matches in the main round of the European Championship, it is now pretty clear which national teams will compete in the final round. In group 1, Croatia surprised everyone and won against Poland with a historical advantage of 14 goals, despite all the support Poland got from their 8th players at the stands. Norway secured the victory against France and the national team of Belarus celebrated against Macedonia with one goal advantage. In group 2, Sweden defeated Hungary with 8 goals advantage. The matches between Germany and Denmark, as well as Spain and Russia, ended with the score 25:23. Tomorrow is another decision day! Considering all the surprises at the European Championship 2016, placement matches and semi-finals could produce some more. We know players are ready… Are you? Be8player!