Things that make you fall in love with handball

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December 23, 2015
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January 15, 2016
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Things that make you fall in love with handball

kid during the Final Tournament - Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom league, third place match, Varazdin, Croatia, 03.04.2016 Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/Stanko Gruden

My constant wish for new experiences and new challenges in sports was a one-way ticket into the world of handball. Until the Women’s World Handball Championship in Serbia in 2013, I only paid attention to handball when our national team was playing. I cared for it as much as I cared for any other sport.

Being a guide for the national teams in that competition meant that the love sports and handball is essential. I am so grateful for that experience because it allowed me to make friends for life, and to fall in love with handball – a game that cannot be boring, a game where surprises are inevitable as well as attractive moves and goals. The next stop on my way to the handball world was the Final 4 of SEHA League in Novi Sad. This time, I had the opportunity to experience team handball and to work with the best teams in this part of Europe. An amazing experience in just four days and another confirmation that handball truly deserves a place in my life.

Handball is the reason I was able to meet such amazing people, and that nowadays I can wait and host them here, on the home court. When I´m at the stands, I like the 6o minutes of suspense and the feeling I get when my team is winning. I like the dynamics of handball and everything that it brings. Friendship, fight, unity on the stands and on the court, the feeling that your cheers can make a difference in the final score, are the things that make me look back and look forward to new handball experiences with a smile on my face.

Milena Vilotijevic, Novi Sad