Second part of the season continues today!
February 2, 2016
Matches… Matches everyday!
February 10, 2016

Two matches are already played. Veszprem took and easy win against NEXE although they missed some of the key players on the court. As easy as Veszprem, Meshkov Brest was celebrating in front of the home audience against Maks Strumica, the only club that still doesn’t have a win this season. Today, Borac m:tel, who has some new faces in their roster, will face Leagues leader Vardar and try to make Vardars job a little bit complicated.
With just one match on Friday, it’s going to be a busy Saturday with three matches. Once again this week, Veszprem will play alongside their fans in Veszprem Arena. Maks Strumica will surely be on a tough court. Tatran Prešov will host Meshkov Brest and try to win once again this season in their mutual encounter. In the end, NEXE wis awaiting Vardar in their home court.

This is going to be an interesting weekend, not only for player, but also for fans. So, it’s time to prepare your fan jerseys, to be laud and to clap your hands. Help your favorite team, because you are their eighth player.

Don’t forget to take a photo and post it with #be8player hashtag on Facebook or Instagram profile and Twitter feed.

Have fun!