The most exciting part of the season starts soon!
February 19, 2016
Derby in Veszprem Arena today!
February 29, 2016

What is handball? For some people it’s just the game with a ball and they don’t see any difference between handball and… football. For others it’s passion. For players it’s their life. For me? It became the life, passion, everything…

I never could call myself a handball fan. I used to work at school and as a teacher I HAD to go to our local arena with the pupils. For me looking after children instead of watching the match wasn’t pleasure either.

Last year in autumn I visited two matches of our team HC Meshkov Brest. I knew we have our local team but I was never that interested in it. Then they played against Kiel and PSG. Though they lost in both matches, I liked watching the game and it inspired me a lot! I got tickets from my mum- she introduced handball to me. And I want to thank her! She opened a beautiful world to me, I met wonderful people and we became like one big family which I really like and appreciate.

A new wave of supporting started in August. We got a new coach. Some new players came to Meshkov Brest and also the fan club became bigger. We got a special sector at the arena where we spend EVERY single match! We bought season tickets and it made our life easier.

In August the team won the Cup of our sponsor. And then the matches of the Champions League and the SEHA League started.

In SEHA League we faced different situations. No matter what, we are ready to support our team. We love them and are proud of them! It’s the team of our hometown!

So, I’m quite an active member of our fan club. Unexpectedly, I also became a volunteer for SEHA League. Actually, I had no experience in this sphere but wanted to try. I like it a lot, it´s so exciting to spend time among our fans and take photos of their emotions during the game.

Handball became a huge part of my life. It became the life itself. That’s amazing how small events that seem to be unimportant can change everything… for the better!

I like emotions at every match – no matter what the result is. I have to mention an amazing atmosphere of our fan club. We help our team, and we try to involve other supporters.

Want to say THANK YOU to the whole SEHA League team for making fans happier!


Olga Kusova, fan of Meshkov Brest