Busy weekend in front of us
February 5, 2016
Only 13 matches until Final 4!
February 16, 2016

Dear handball friends, there are 17 matches left until the Final 4 Tournament of SEHA Gazprom League! Three of them will be played in the next three days: Meshkov Brest will face Nexe in Našice on Thursay, and Borac in Banja Luka on Friday, while Saturday is the day when Spartak Vojput and PPD Zagreb will meet. Vardar is on the top of SEHA League Table with 40 points gained, followed by Veszprem and PPD Zagreb.

Except for the matches in SEHA Gazprom League, some of our teams are competing in the Champions League as well. This will be a very tense period for the players, and they are going to need more support than ever.  Good luck to SEHA Gazprom League teams in Champions League, and good luck to all our teams in future SEHA Gazprom League matches! Let´s show the players that they are not alone! See you at the stands!