Damir Efendic says sport is sport because of the fans
March 3, 2016
Who are the semi-final pairs?
March 8, 2016

We’re entering the last week of the regular part of the season. We’ve got seven more matches to go and four “Final 4” participants will open the decision week on Tuesday, 8th of March at 6 p.m. PPD Zagreb is having a home match against Meshkov Brest for the 3rd place in the league. This will decide the “Final 4” semi-final pairs so both of the teams will be eager to win. At the same time, Vardar will host Veszprem in Jane Sandanski hall. Their last match ended with a 24:24 draw so both of the teams will be fired up to end the match as a winner.
A day after this two big games, MVM Veszprem will play Maks Strumica, the only team without a win this season in SEHA. In their last match Maks Strumica was left with 50 goals in their net. Can they do better this time?
During the weekend Meshkov Brest plays Vardar and they’ll try to repeat the success from their last encounter that ended 28:27 for Meshkov Brest. On the same day Veszprem will travel to Prešov and Vojvodina will host PPD Zagreb. 
The last match of the regular part of the season will be the one between Maks Strumica and NEXE. 
Eighth players, prepare your vocal chords to help your favourite teams and then we’ll see you in Varazdin!