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March 8, 2016
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March 14, 2016

Imagine this. You are in the stands. Your team is losing by one goal. Every single person in stands is shouting and cheering. The noise is deafening. Even coach of the other team cannot hear what judges are saying. In that moment your team scores. Its tie and less than 30s till end of the game. Its Tatran ball. 15s, fans are standing. Jankovic (Borac player) somehow got the ball and shoots it from the middle of the court. It’s in! Win by one point! 

We are just fans but that rush of adrenalin felt like I am one of players, the 8th player. I’m not die hart fan, I don’t go to every single game, I don’t even know every player’s name, nor where are they form, their statistic, who is the coach, history of the club…

This season I became fan by pure accident. Was boring myself browsing social media when I saw that volunteers are needed. All ready I was in another organization, students, worldwide, changing the world and stuff. 

This volunteering was about me, changing me from someone who watches games on tv (if I had time, or didn’t forget) to someone who is possibly going all alone to watch and cheer in stands (at that time I didn’t even know if any of my friends wentto matches).

Handball became big part of my life. It’s interesting how not only my friend base grow with going to games together, but now it is inevitable part of conversation in girl’s nights’ out. Not to mention how great is to take pictures of fans, little boys and girls with their parents or grandparents in games, all proud of themselves for wearing team jersey and cheering for their team.

It is not always this great to watch games, there were many lost matches even at home. Borac is only 8th on table. But fans are there, from 5 to 95, and we all want to help our team by being there, cheering and clapping.

Ana Karalić – Borac m:tel fan