Final 4 is knocking on the door!
March 2, 2016
Damir Efendic says sport is sport because of the fans
March 3, 2016

Balić is the reason I started loving handball, and ever since Vujović is the coach of Zagreb I´m addicted to it. The positive kind of addiction, the one that makes you forget all your troubles, the 90 minutes in which only Handball exists.

Why handball? I´m not so sure. As every other passion, it just comes.. Maybe it´s because I felt the connection, not just between players, but between fans and players too. When they lose, I feel that I lost also. Some defeats hurt more, some hurt less. If I know that the players gave their best, and the only thing that was missing is some luck, I am stressed out, confused, often calculating what we should have done better. I get the urge to tell each player that we are still by their side, that we believe in their skills and that we hope that luck will treat us better next time. And if they win, especially in a match where we don´t expect it, I feel so much pride. That´s when I know that hard work, persistence and believing in yourself (even when no one else does) – pays off! I share their happiness with them and it makes my day!

When 15 thousand people in Arena Zagreb people make a defensive wall only with their voices, I sincerely believe that 8th players at the stands and 7 players on the court make it very difficult for the opponent to score. I can feel that we, the fans, give the players of PPD Zagreb extra strength, and we cause anxiety to the opponent. As long as I can feel all of these emotions, as long as handball remains more than just a sport, I will be the link that makes the 8th player: in victory and in defeat.

Sandra Čičić, fan of PPD Zagreb