Decision week is here!
March 7, 2016
Fan by accident
March 11, 2016

While Final4 is just around the corner, there are still some important questions to be resolved on the court, as the one „who are the semi-final pairs?“.

These defining matches will take place almost simultaneously on March 8th. Vardar are welcoming the only team that hasn’t lost SEHA match in two years, and sure we are talking about Veszprem. Vardar are going to have a difficult task with one of the most powerful European teams at this moment. Veszprem are not only dominating in SEHA Gazsprom league, but they are also playing Champions League on the highest level of their achievement, with only two defeats in Paris and Kiel. Still, if there is any club who can stop their SEHA domination, the first on that list would be Vardar, the only one who played tied with Veszprem.

Team from Skopje is not very behind from their rivals, in this SEHA season they lost only two times, from Veszprem and PPD Zagreb. Their unstoppable attack is led by Alex Dujshebaev, Jorge Maqueda and also a very important returnee from injury, Igor Karačić. From their great roster there are two players who have been chosen in the best seven by SEHA Gazprom press team in Februrary. On the centre back position it is young but promising Luka Cindrić, and for the left winger it is Timur Dibirov who scored 7 goals in their last encounter with Veszprem.

At the tomorrow’s duel Veszprem has the role of favorite on the paper, but can Vardar with their  8th player make the sensation and beat the unbeatable?

On the very same night, another handball drama is taking place in Zagreb. Guest from Belarus will definitely try to reach the third place in the league. Each of these teams will most likely show all of their weapons in tomorrow’s meeting, since neither PPD Zagreb neither Meshkov wants to be in the semi-final with great Veszprem.

Meshkov Brest faced a lot of changes through the season, with a new coach Sergey Bebeshko and multiple roster rotations. So it is not the same team that Zagreb met on the beginning of the SEHA Gazprom League. Meshkov are now aware of their potential, and has one of the best league’s scorers Rastko Stojković as well as the remarkable duo on the right side with Shylovich and Kristopans.

Even with all that, it won’t be easy to break through Zagreb lines. Tonči Valčić and Velko Markoski are probably one of the best European defences at the moment and there is always fully prepared Ivan Stevanović waiting at the goal bars. Even though Luka Stepančić will be missing on the right wing, after eight months of recovery Stipe Mandalinić is finally ready to shake some goal net. Can Zlatko Horvat lead his teammeates to another victory over Mehskov?

One thing is fore sure, it’s going to be a very exciting match, so every support to these clubs will be more then needed!