Check out the schedule for week 2 of the season

Week 1 recap
September 5, 2016
Week 2 recap
September 12, 2016

With the start of the second SEHA Gazprom League week, we have already fully stepped into the season. With 8 matches being played, this week brings us way more action, sweat and excitement.

The first to step on the court this week will be the returnee of the league, Metalurg from Skopje, after missing a season of SEHA League. Enriched with many young players, it remains to be seen what can a year of hard work do against the already known knowledge and experience that HC Vardar possess. The Macedonian derby will be held on Tuesday, 06/09/2016 (20:30h).

Wednesday is set for a Slovenian classic.  Well known opponents, Gorenje Velenje and Celje Pivovarna Lasko, will face each other on 07/09/2016 (17:30h). While Gorenje Velenje is awaiting their debute in SEHA Gazprom league, Celje PL already went through their first match in the League. Celje are hoping to get back on winning track after losing to current champions of the League, Veszprem, but are not hosting the game this time, so they will have to find another way to have the wind at their back aside from their fans.

Just a few moments later, Meshkov Brest will be hosting Izviđač CO from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bebeshko’s boys have recently tied the game against Vardar, and are definitely motivated for the further season of the League. However, the Bosnians have managed to reach the title in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and are surely going to take all their chances to try to reach as good placement in the League as possible! The match is also set for Wednesday, 07/09/2016 (18h CET).

In the third match of the day, handball fans will have the opportunity to see Croatia’s best. The game will be played in Zagreb, where the host PPD Zagreb will be awaiting Nexe from Našice. Even though Zagreb is usually dominating matches between the two teams, it won’t be that easy securing the first 2 points of the season, especially since Nexe are known for constantly improving from season to season. Another opportunity to prove themselves is Wednesday, 07/09/2016 (20h).

Presov will be hosting the rookies of the League, Celje PL, on 10/09/2016 (18h), and it remains to be seen whether experience adjudicates this one. Tatran Presov may use Celje PL’s busy schedule, as on Saturday it will be Tatran’s first, but Celje’s 3rd game of the season in SEHA Gazprom League.

On 10/09/2016 another serious clash is to happen. Last season’s finale between Vardar and Telekom Veszprem will be played in Skopje this time, but the outcome is hard to be predicted. Two titles on both sides, years of experience, two Champions League participants, two amazing  teams with two legends as head coaches… A true handball spectacle for all handball lovers that will have the opportunity of seeing this match, whether live or on TV, on Saturday at 20:30h.

A tense match is always good to end the week. For the finale of the 2nd week of SEHA Gazprom League, Gorenje will face the neighbors, Nexe in Velenje. Gorenje Velenje are still gathering the experience in SEHA League, but we will see what they have on an all-time SEHA League member, Nexe. Zdenko Kordi’s boys are travelling to Velenje, Slovenia for the first time in SEHA Gazprom League on 11/09/2016 (17h).

Two matches in two days require a lot of strength and concentration, and it won’t be easy even for the team such as Telekom Veszprem. Even though they are the clear favorites in a match against Metalurg from Skopje, we have to wait to see will the home team led by Spanish coach Xavi Sabate be eager to make the most out of the game on 11/09/2016 (20:30h).