Loyalty of the fans goes way back in history

New, sixth season is finally here!
August 29, 2016
Week 1 recap
September 5, 2016

The sixth season of SEHA Gazprom league is set to roll, and the first week already brings out one of the highlights of the new season as the Slovenian debutants Celje Pivovarna Lasko wait for Hungarian champions Telekom Veszprem to arrive at Zlatorog arena. Not only will there be a battle between Slovenian-born brothers Gasper and Gal Marguc playing on the two opposite sites, but also a clash between the two most loyal European-based fan club organisations.

The history of Celje’s  fan society ‘Florijani’ began in 1993 when the group of handball fans gathered around the idea of supporting handball club Celje PL at both domestic and European championships. The organisation soon got all the authorities needed for the functioning of their society. As the members of the society were loyal and did not cause any problems, they have gained the trust of Celje Pivovarna Lasko with whom they then started to collaborate. They have been following Celje PL all around the Europe since, visiting Germany, France, Greece, Denmark and much more… The organisation today counts more than 200 active supporters and have their own official website as well as social media accounts, and works on promoting and developing Slovenian handball, organizing handball fans gatherings and more.

One of the Veszprem fan association’s greatest influence is dissociating themselves away from any type of violence, racism and hatred. Since the fan club’s founding, Veszprem fans have been working on promoting sportsmanship and peace both on stands and in everyday life. ‘The red’ are everywhere, and there is almost no possibility for Telekom Veszprem to be left with no supporters on the stands, no matter where the match is being held. Veszprem’s fan club present cohesion as their main quality. They regularly organize meetings – before and after the matches – where fans can discuss mutual experiences and impressions, all in a friendly atmosphere. They often say they aim towards improving friendly relations with rival teams’ fans and try to help the national and international image on handball – which they certainly do.

With this being said, there’s no doubt that Zlatorog arena won’t be lacking great atmosphere on Saturday. Even though they host the game against a tough opponent, there are many advantages on the hosts’ side: their first ever SEHA Gazprom match, home ground, excited fans and a huge 70-year of Celje Pivovarna Lasko’s existence celebration ahead of the match.

Brothers Marguc have invited everyone to join the party on Saturday, and it was hard to tell was it Gal or Gasper that’s more excited. Veszprem coach Xavi Sabate announced the game saying the fans will have the opportunity to see a great game where the offense will play the important role. He also said Celje PL’s speed could cause Telekom Veszprem a lot of trouble. Mirko Alilovic is convinced that Celje will do everything for the victory and a successful start of the new season, but he assures Veszprem’s fans that they will fight hard for the victory. Saturday’s game is for sure very special for Blaz Blagotinsek too, who has left Celje to join Veszprem this season and says he’s very excited about the match on Saturday, while Celje’s Miha Zarabec thinks of their first SEHA game as one of the toughest matches of the season, but expects full arena and is looking forward to the game.

Excitement is in the air and it can hardly be contained, so whether you will be watching from the arena stands or at home, whether you’re Celje PL’s, Veszprem’s or someone else’s supporter, gather your friends on Saturday and be there for the new, updated, stronger-than-ever SEHA Gazprom league season.