Check out the schedule for week 3 of the season
September 13, 2016
Check out the schedule for week 4 of the season
September 19, 2016

The third week of SEHA – Gazprom journey is over, so while we float into the fourth, check out who took this week’s points.

On Tuesday, Vardar hosted PPD Zagreb in Skopje. Well known opponents knew what to expect. And it was just as everyone expected – a tight, exciting match with passionat macedonian fans with standing ovations for the actual Zagreb and ex Vardar coach, Veselin Vujovic. A match with great defence and attractive moves on both sides at the end finished in Vardar’s favor (32:31).

On Wednesday, Izvidac CO almost managed to take the win against the host in front of the full hall in Celje. Experienced Celje PL did not disappoint their fans after all, ending the game with a minimum, but significant win (32:32).

At the same time the Macedonians enjoyed second handball dainty in 2 days, this time in a spectacle prepared by Metalurg. However, Lino Cervar’s team had to catch the next opportunity for their first win of the season, as Meshkov Brest secured another win with a single goal advantage (24:25).

The third Wednesday clash was brought to us by Nexe and Tatran Presov in a season opening in Nasice. The Slovaks proved the seriousness of their team collecting 3 points with a high win (25:31).

On Saturday, Vardar took another opportunity to show the dominance of the season. Not only have they stayed unbeatable, but also won by 11 goal advantage against a Champion’s League participant, Celje PL (29:40). A clash of two of the last season’s final four participants is always expected to be full of great moves, but mostly great defences which is the key to securing a win.

On Sunday, Telekom Veszprem as the actual champions succeeded turning the result to their favor and won by +3 (16:19).

SEHA was back to Nasice for the second time of the week. The match between the neighbors, Nexe and Izvidac CO, resulted with a win of Kordi’s team defeating Izvidac with 39:29.