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October 24, 2016
[EHFCL] Round 5
October 24, 2016

Win a jersey and tickets to Final 4 of SEHA League 2017!


It’s been a year since the launch of Be8player project. We all worked hard to promote handball and be the best 8th players that we can be. But we’re not done! The goal of Be8player project is to promote handball and sport in general, through it’s fans. Support of fans is the main ingredient in every teams victory, this is why our goal is to encourage handball fans to promote the sport via social media and to come to the stands and support their teams, and show it to the world. All this with zero tolerance on violence and lots of team spirit. Let’s show everyone the magic of handball!


If you wish to win the title of the best handball fan of the season, to win a jersey of your favourite team and to win an all inclusive trip to Final 4 the first step is liking Be8player on Facebook and/or Instagram and posting your handball fan photo on our FB wall or on Instagram (use #be8player). Scatter through your old photos, or create some new ones, post a photo of you cheering, playing handball, or talking to your favourite player. Just be creative, and make sure you use the official # while posting on Instagram, since this is the only way that we can see your post among all others. Also, make sure that your photo is publicly visible (on Instagram), not only to your followers.


After you post your photos on our FB wall or Instagram, we will publish them all in our photo album on Facebook. When you find your photo in our FB album, that is the moment when the game begins for you. Collect likes on your photo in our album until December 5th , because 5 fan photos will be shown to the players of each SEHA League team and the best one will win a jersey. 10 handball fans (one of each SEHA League teams) will win jerseys and they will be picked by the teams and announced after all 10 teams pick their favorite fan (at the beginning of December).


That’s not all! 4 out of those 10 with winners will be presented to fans via FB and Instagram in the FINAL 4 round of the game. The fans will choose (more details about the vote when that time comes) their favorites and the most successful one will be the ultimate winner. The award will be even better and it will be a crown of the competition: two all inclusive tickets for Final 4 season 2016/2017. Make sure to follow the steps of participation for a chance to win the awards.

Let the games begin!



ROUND ONE: photos posted until December 5th will be published in our Facebook be8player album

OBJECTIVE: to collect the most likes on your photo that will be published on Be8player FB album

ROUND TWO: 5 posts with the most likes of each SEHA League club in our album will be presented to the players of that club, they will choose their favorite – this will produce 10 winners of the second round

Final 4 ROUND: the ultimate winner will be chosen by fans among four fan photos with the most likes out of 10 that won the jersey and he/she will be awarded with the title of the best handball fan of the season and win all inclusive tickets for SEHA Final 4 2017!