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October 25, 2016
NEXE FAN ASSOCIATION: Come and spend a day with us in Nasice!
November 2, 2016

The ninth week of SEHA Gazprom League is finished, and before entering the tenth week entretainment, we are taking a small, few-days long break… So while waiting for the new dose of the best regional handball, let’s recap the past week’s episode…

The two-time SEHA winner, Telekom Veszprem, hosted the Croatian vice-champion NEXE in Veszprem Arena. The Croatians did not manage to surprise the reigning champions in front of their supporters, losing to Veszprem 27:23.

Meshkov Brest have on Tuesday welcomed PPD Zagreb who arrived to Brest for a face-off with the Belarussian champion. In a narrow match in which Meshkov have managed to keep the result on their side for most of the time, Zagreb succeeded in stepping up their game and leave for Zagreb with an important point.

Celje Pivovarna Lasko arrived in Skopje to meet Metalurg. The hosts did not manage to celebrate over the experienced Celje who took the win and the new 3 points in SEHA League which helped them to reach 5th place on the table just before the start of the tenth week.

For the second time of the week, Meshkov have had a task of hosting a match,  this time welcoming Gorenje Velenje. After having the guests take the lead just before the halftime break, Bebeshko’s team has turned over the match to their favor, winning 26:24.

The so-far unbeaten Vardar have on Saturday arrived in Slovakia to face Tatran Presov. Tatran have managed to keep Vardar’s tempo in the 1st half, only 2 goals behind after the first 30 minutes of the match, but Vardar have soon started showing the dominance. The Macedonians celebrated with 29:35.

PPD Zagreb and Izvidjac CO closed this action-packed week with a clash in Zagreb. In a slowed-down first half, Izvidjac Co did not let Zagreb make a somewhat significant difference. However, Zagreb have in the next 30 minutes managed to end the match with a high-goal difference, winning 35:29.