CELJE PL FAN ASSOCIATION ‘FLORIJANI’: Key factor to Celje’s win!

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November 9, 2016
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November 12, 2016
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CELJE PL FAN ASSOCIATION ‘FLORIJANI’: Key factor to Celje’s win!

The history of Celje’s fan society ‘Florijani’ goes all the way back to 1993. The group of handball fans gathered around the idea of supporting handball club Celje Pivovarna Lasko.

From the beginnings they started gathering at not only domestic, but also away matches and even European championships. After quite some time of not causing any trouble at the stands, the club administration soon provided the society with all the authorities needed for their functioning. The society members have throughout the years gained the trust of their club, Celje Pivovarna Lasko, and the club decided to collaborate.

Florijani have since been following Celje PL all around the Europe, visiting Germany, France, Greece, Denmark and much more… The organisation today counts more than 200 active supporters and have their own official website as well as social media accounts. They work on promoting and developing Slovenian handball by organizing handball fans gatherings and more.

The association’s motto is ‘Enkrat za Cele, vedno za Cele’ which translates as ‘Once Celje, always Celje’. The club says Florijani are ‘the example of real supporters, who cling to the support of their club in a fair manner and maintaining a friendly atmosphere at the stands each time’.

Florijani are phenomenally connected to their club and the relationship between the two is rather friendly. It is not uncommon hearing the players mention Florijani. Blaz Janc has just recently pointed them out as an important factor of their success, saying they are the best and how ‘it is hard to play and win without them’. Branko Tamse has confirmed Janc saying it is the fans who help the team reach the positive results and celebrate over good teams.