IZVIDJAC CO FAN ORGANIZATION: ‘We are developing plans for our club’s future!’

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November 12, 2016
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November 15, 2016
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IZVIDJAC CO FAN ORGANIZATION: ‘We are developing plans for our club’s future!’

HRK Izvidjac is a sport club with a long and rich tradition that was founded in 1956. The team holds the record winning the championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina 8 times and winning the Cup 9 times. Izvidjac is also four-time champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the season 1999/2000., 2001/2002., 2003/2004, and 2004/2005.) and a double winner of the Bosnian/Herzegovinian Cup (1998/1999, and 2001/2002).


The founding

The results of Izvidjac handball club are accompanied by the sport lovers and the media. Izvidjac’s fan organization is even one of the older ones, being established in the far 1998 (10/10/1998.). The organization’s name is ‘Skauti Ljubuški’ (literally translated as Ljubuski Scouts’ which has just recently celebrated the 18 year anniversary.


Goals for the future

From the organization say: ‘The aim of the organization is to promote the city and the club that is a multiple time champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The group has been existing since 18 years ago, and we can say that this year was the turning point in the group where we have been working on creating a lot of new things as well as making plans for the future.’


They continue: ‘Only this season, our organization has traveled around 3000 kilometers for the guest matches, and by this fact we consider ourselves the only legitimate fan groups in this season’s SEHA Gazprom League. For a long term we’ve been organizing individual projects in the city such as the anniversary of the fall of Vukovar.’


The next goal of Ljubuski’s Scouts is opening a fan shop as well as to attract as many people to the bleachers as possible. They want to create even better fan story in their town.


Considering cooperation with the administration of the club, ‘we have a fair relationship that could be developed to make our club, which we live for, even better, more competitive and covered by the media so we all could raise it to a higher level’, say from the organization.