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November 2, 2016
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November 6, 2016
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The fan club ‘Unia’ is a representative organization of all the active supporters of HC Meshkov Brest. The main motto of the fan association is ‘Nasha Voz’me!’, translated as ‘We will win!’ from Belarusian.


Take part!

Though the handball club Meshkov Brest was founded in 2002, the fan association  is rather young. The active support for the team started in 2015. From that moment, the fan association started uniting people of different ages, professions and interests. The fans consider ‘Unia’ a family. The name appeared in 2016 and currently the final agreements and the final registration of the association is in the closing process. The association is encouraging people to take part in performances of the club, organized trips and informal meetings. In the beginning of the season 2016/2017 fan club has been assigned with the seats behind the goals which was also an important part of the organization.


‘‘Being in the club means being together. That is why we always share ideas, thoughts and even have emotional discussions, but this all goes for the best interest of the club. We spend a lot of time together creating banners, planning future trips and watching matches from abroad. Recently the fan club took part in shooting of the video ‘Brest is handball’. With the help of several fans we have special T-shirts in the colors of the club as well as mugs and other souvenirs.’’


Player-fan gatherings are a common thing

The members of ‘Unia’ enhance the importance of creating team spirit at the stands: ‘‘Nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to create friendly atmosphere that will attract people to the stands and even make them do sports. So, ‘Unia’ are always respectful towards other fans, each other and players.’’


From the association claim that the players are always open to talk to the fans. After the match, they stop to take photos with the supporters and to thank them for coming. Besides that, it became a tradition to have a chat with players. So far, several talks have been organized, say from the organization: ‘‘We really appreciate this because it gives you the chance to see the players as real people. Also, the players are really glad to see fans during matches held in other countries.’’


Memories stay forever

Lots of memories are being created at the stands, and the members of ‘Unia’ know it. When asked for a favorite memory of theirs, they told us a story about a recent situation in a match against MOL Pick Szeged in Hungary where they met some of the fans that belonged to the opposite side of the court. ‘‘After the match they started to sing the anthem. We listened and then shouted ‘Pick Szeged’ – and they responded. It was so nice, the unity of the fans. They promised to come to Brest in winter. It’s wonderful how handball unites us into a family!’’ They also remember the breath-taking atmosphere at Final Four 2016 in Varazdin.

‘Unia’ enjoy meeting handball friends all over the region and Europe and admire the entertainment they experience during the matches – that’s why their main goal is promoting handball in their city, say from the organization.