NEXE FAN ASSOCIATION: Come and spend a day with us in Nasice!

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October 30, 2016
November 4, 2016
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NEXE FAN ASSOCIATION: Come and spend a day with us in Nasice!

HC Nexe Nasice Fan Club is the youngest of all fan clubs in SEHA Gazprom League. Although the handball club exists for several decades – it was founded in 1958, has been competing in the Croatian Premier Handball League since 2006 and has been a participant of SEHA League from its very start – as a fan club they were formally established this year. Registration of citizen association is currently pending, under the name “HC Nexe Nasice Fan Club”. The strength of our connection with the club, the fan representatives say, is proven by the fact that every single match our club has played has been played before full bleachers. For those who are not familiar with Nasice, it is worth mentioning that Nasice is a small town with approximately 17,000 inhabitants. Considering relative proximity of some of the clubs playing in SEHA League, an imperative of their association is to organize trips to away matches for as many fans as possible.


Make your trip to Nasice more than just a visit!

One of the projects NEXE’s fan association is working on at the moment is the selection and creation of a mascot which should be a “trigger” of a good atmosphere on both the bleachers and the court. Since they are such a young association, they have big plans that will be saved as a surprise for the upcoming matches, they say.

“We proudly emphasize that for as long as our fan club has been active, there has been no fan incidents. Our motto is “Opponents are not our enemies, but our sport rivals” and we strictly enforce that motto. The main goal of our association is to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle, which is proven by the fact that many children, and even whole families, attend matches” say the association’s representatives and add:

“We wish to encourage fans of other teams that plan to visit Nasice to contact us prior to their visit so we can make their visit into something more than just attending the match. They can spend a day with us, we will be happy to be their hosts and show them cultural, historical, gastronomical and other attractions of our city. ”


Reasons to join Nexe’s Fan Club

As a support to the association, Handball Club Nexe offers various benefits to its fans; from season ticket packages, fan shop discounts and help with organizing trips to away matches. Fan representative is a member of club’s management, so the fans can also influence club operations.

As previously mentioned, Nasice is a small town and both the club staff and the fans enhance the importance of keeping the warmth and friendliness characteristic for such places. The relationship between players and fans is described almost as a family relationship. Communication takes place on a daily basis and the whole club lives with the city. It is impressive when fans fill the court after a game, most of them children, in order to take photographs, talk to players or get an autograph from their idols. And the players themselves emphasize that such moments are their greatest reward.




Success is seen through fans’ support

As a single greatest success of “Court and Bleachers” the fans point out Nexe’s away game in Varazdin in 2015. The Arena in Varazdin was full – 300 Nexe fans and almost 2,000 home team fans. Despite the help of speakers and numerical supremacy, that day, they were the eighth player in a true sense of the word. “We did not allow the home fans to out-loud us for a single moment. Do I even need to say what a party we had after that deserving victory?”