November 4, 2016
TELEKOM VESZPREM FAN ASSOCIATION: One chance in a million of seeing Veszprem play with none of their supporters on the stands!
November 7, 2016
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Week 10 brings surprises to your city!

fans during the Final Tournament - Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom league, first place match, Varazdin, Croatia, 03.04.2016 Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/Nebojša Tejić

The national team week action is now over and we’re once again back on the path of the best regional handball provided by SEHA Gazprom League. This month, however, it will be different. Aside from all incredible matches that will be played from week to week, the excitement will not stop here.


This is your time! At the end of October, Be 8 player celebrated its first year of success. Thanks to all of you who made this project possible, and who we expect to make the second year even greater, we will be celebrating for the whole month of November. Starting from the 8th November, when the first match of the week is scheduled, there will be surprises at the SEHA League matches. You might even get a gift directly from your favorite player! Also, as you already know, you have the opportunity of winning a jersey of your favorite team and even an all inclusive SEHA Final 4 weekend in 2017. All you have to do is take a picture of you supporting your team – whether you’re at a match or in front of your TV – and post it to your Instagram with #be8player hashtag or simply post it to Be8player Facebook wall. As there are many matches coming up this and the following week, those will be your perfect chances to capture the best moments from the stands. So prepare yourself, your friends and your family and rush to the stands to support your favorite team and players! Check out what places ‘Be8player’ visits first:


The week opener will be played in Slovakia. Tatran Presov will host Gorenje Velenje who have no right to make a mistake in case they want to keep fighting for the place among the best four teams in SEHA League. The match between the two is scheduled for Tuesday, 08/11 at 17h CET.


In the second match of the day, the actual SEHA League title-holders will be facing the Belarusian champion. Meshkov Brest will arrive in Hungary for the match against Telekom Veszprem on Tuesday at 19h CET.


Only a few moments later, the face-off between Metalurg and Izvidjac Central Osiguranje will show who of the two takes the new three points and spices up the current shape of the SEHA table. Be the first to find out – the match starts at 20:30h CET.