11 best handball fans in 2016/17
December 28, 2016
World Championship in France is getting closer!
December 29, 2016

Amazing actions, intense matches, a lot of emotions and much more marked the first part of the season in SEHA League as well as in the Champions League. Now it’s time for national team gatherings and preparations for the upcoming World Championship in France.

First part of the season in both, SEHA and Champions League, was filled with surprises. Vardar had a glorious start, kept the rhythm and were unbeaten until the Champions League match in Zagreb against the Croatian Lions. The small step backwards did not affect them until the last match of the 1st part of the season when they, once again, met PPD Zagreb, but this time in SEHA.

On the other hand Telekom Veszprem, the team with the biggest roster in Europe, European vice-champion and two time champion of SEHA – Gazprom League, has had a few setbacks. They lost against PPD Zagreb in an away match, split points with Nexe but are still feared by all opponents.

Nexe played the match of the year two times this season: they celebrated against Meshkov Brest and played a tie against the Hungarian Veszprem.

With all this and much more we can expect a tough 2nd part of the season. The World Championship is getting closer, and 24 teams will fight for the World Champions title in France from the 11th till 29th of January.