Week 13 recap
December 4, 2016
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December 6, 2016
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First Round of Best Handball Fan Contest is over!

The first round of our ‘Best Handball Fan Contest’ is now closed! In the past month we’ve received just under 200 of your photos which we have enjoyed seeing everyday. The community behind #be8player hashtag has been active daily and with this being said the point of the whole contest has been accomplished. We can only hope this trend will continue!

These are the competitors whose photos earned the most likes and are sent to their teams/players:

PPD Zagreb

  1. @dzeljak
  2. Martina Pandža
  3. @dzeljak
  4. Ivana Vukov
  5. anaaamk19

Meshkov Brest

  1. elizabeth_pressgirl
  2. _ksusha_fomochka
  3. olklimovich
  4. dibrest
  5. kenguru120781


  1. nikicakipra
  2. Daniel Leshininho Maceski
  3. _jovche
  4. margaritta_k
  5. monikapotter

Telekom Veszprem

  1. Csenge Viraghalmi
  2. bboboka
  3. Monika Oroszi
  4. Mercedesz Perge
  5. bboboka

Izvidjac CO

  1. _lukam16
  2. Nikolina Nina Tomic
  3. Ivan Gigo Lovric
  4. Ivan Bunoza
  5. Franjo Colak


  1. Dare Kondev
  2. marija_spasenovska
  3. Feodora Lepceska
  4. a.angeleska
  5. Maca Martina Parket


  1. _brunokovacevic_
  2. Tomislava Vukovic
  3. valencakovica
  • Jolana Konečna Tatran Presov is the only representative and wins a jersey of the team.
  • Rok Adam Celje Pivovarna Lasko is the only representative and wins a jersey of the team.

Now comes the phase when the most successful photos of each club will be shown to the teams and when players will choose the winners. As soon as the teams send the feedback, the winners of the jersey will be known and officially announced!

With this day and the closing of the first round, the Final 4 phase of the contest starts off. The 4 most liked photos from the first phase have automatically qualified for the Final 4 phase where the likes will decide again, this time for the grand prize of winning an all-inclusive SEHA FINAL 4 2017! The voting process for the Final 4 round will be released and explained today.

Final 4 Round Participants:

  1. Csenge Viraghalmi Telekom Veszprem
  2. Doris Zeljak PPD Zagreb
  3. Dare Kondev Metalurg
  4. Martina Pandza PPD Zagreb

All of you have the opportunity to vote for one of these Final 4 participants and help them reach the FIRST PRIZE: ALL INCLUSIVE SEHA FINAL 4 WEEKEND.

The Final 4 round begins as soon as we release the voting graphic and rules and ends on the 20th of December!