Hopes and dreams for the season 2016/2017

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December 29, 2016
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January 9, 2017

Summer passed, autumn reached us… Summer may be good for holidays, but not for a true handball fan. Why? No matches, no derbies, players are having a rest. You can only dream of adrenaline and the feeling of pride your favorite team fills you with. Meshkov Brest fans feel the same.

Last season was probably the best season for Meshkov Brest fans and the club so far. We did a good job and made some promising results. First time ever we got to the 1/8 finals of EHF Champions League and struggled against Vive Tauron Kielce who won the title in the end. Though we lost, the matches showed us that players are highly motivated and ready for more results as great as these. We placed 4th at Final 4 of SEHA – Gazprom League in Varazdin. Though we tried to do the best and were about to win against Veszprem, the fairytale didn’t become the reality, which is a pity… But all the fans had such a great time there. We are really happy and thankful for the organization and hopefully we will be the ones to host the final tournament of SEHA League next year!

On another note, we won the Cup of Belarus for the 9th time and became the Champions of Belarus for the 8th time. Fans were so proud of the team!!!

So, the new season has for us started with a spectacular opening show in August, both with the presentation of the new team and the impressive concert of a Russian-Belarussian band IOWA. The show was just great. The night was lighted up by awesome fireworks. This was surely the best show of all time.

Now the Meshkov Arena is modernized with a great media cube which gives you the chance to see the most wonderful moments of the game. One more innovation is the kiss-camera. If couples are spied by the camera, they have to kiss. This looks really romantic every time. Finally, we have our talisman – our lovely mascot – which is the cutest bison ever met in the world. Soon, we will have an official name for him, but he is already loved by everyone. He is not only a good supporter and fan but also a wonderful dancer and entertainer.

The team became stronger this season. Though we lost some players, we welcomed several as well. Iman Jamali, Rade Mijatović, Rajko Prodanović together with Andrei Yurinok, Vlad Ostroushko and Andrei Yashchenko surely made our team more confident and ready for new challenges. And the season of 2016/2017 is going to be a pure derby… the whole season! We will continue to fight with the best European teams, including Telekom Veszprem, Vive Tauron Kielce, PPD Zagreb and Vardar, as well as newcomers of SEHA League – Metalurg, Gorenje Velenje and Celje PL. In EHF Championship we got the elite group B… A great chance, but also a huge responsibility.

We think of the good things only and hope the new season will, to Meshkov fans, bring new emotions, great trips with our team and also some new chances. Our guys really deserve this and hopefully with the huge support of the main coach Serhei Bebeshko, his will and experience, a new star will soon light the sky of handball world. And this will remain our favorite team and club. Meshkov Brest.

Wishing all the rivals good luck and hoping for new wins of Meshkov Brest,

sincerely yours, just a fan, Olga Kusova 🙂