Group B: Hispanos with the new coach in France

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January 9, 2017
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January 10, 2017

Unpredictable. This is the word which describes group B in France. Spain, Slovenia, Macedonia, Iceland, Tunisia and Angola will play the group phase in the city of Metz and will have to work hard to justify the place in the main round.

TheSpanish team has a new coach. Jordi Ribera will lead the Hispanos, two-time World champions, on their first joined journey. Jordi Ribera took the role of the Spanish national team coach after the Olympic Games in Rio. He said he has big shoes to fill. He has amazing players such as Alex Dujshebaev, Raule Entrerrios and goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas.

The team of Slovenia will miss Dean Bombac and Uros Zorman in France, but Veselin Vujovic has many quality players on the squad list. Slovenia has a big appetite and with young stars such as Blaz Janc, they will be fear and danger to each team they meet. Their performance at the EHF Euro, Olympic Games and qualification tournaments in 2016 was great. Slovenian fans will expect a lot from their team.

Despite the fact that they have Kiril Lazarov, Borko Ristovski and Stojance Stoilov on the delegation list, the Macedonian national team has one more ace, their coach Lino Cervar. Former Croatian national team head coach and current coach of HC Metalurg has a lot of medals to show off. Olympic and World gold are just some of the shiny accomplishments he owns. With such a pedigree, he always gives the best of him and makes the best possible results.

Geir Sveinsson, former Icelandic national team captain will seat for the first time at the World Championship as the head coach of Iceland. Scandinavian team missed to qualify for the Olympic games in Rio, but have a good chance to make good results on the wings of Aron Palmarsson, Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson and the rest of the team in France.

Tunisia is a north African country, well known in handball circles. Quarterfinalists from the 2012 Olympic Games and semi-finalists of the 2005 World Championship are the team that can surprise anyone. They played very well in Rio last summer, losing from France by only two-goal difference and playing a tie with Qatar. You can’t be sure what are they up to on the court in France!

This will be the 3rd world competition for Angola in history. They haven’t participated at the WCh since 2007 but with their good defense, they will aim to finish the competition at the best possible place.

Group B – Metz:
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