GORENJE VELENJE FAN ORGANISATION SALESKI GRASCAKI: ‘The only way to achieve our objectives is by staying together!’

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March 4, 2017
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March 11, 2017
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GORENJE VELENJE FAN ORGANISATION SALESKI GRASCAKI: ‘The only way to achieve our objectives is by staying together!’

How we became a community

The formation of our fan organization goes back to the year of 1994, when a group of young handball enthusiasts decided to set up an organized fan group. Its primary goal was to cheer and support the local handball club at the domestic competitions, but it has evolved into something more. The group has been operating for over two decades now, it has been growing from year to year, and today it counts about 100 members.


Why do we do it?

We cheer mainly by singing our songs, banging the drums, waving our flags and cheering with the rest of the cheerleading accessories that help create a good atmosphere. All of this is in order to help our beloved club get better results at the matches, whether they are being played in the home hall in Velenje or somewhere else. All this, of course, in a good sports spirit, without riots or insults.

We think it is always better to cheer if there is a big opponent’s fan group on the opposite side of the hall. That is the only way to prepare a good sports atmosphere, which is also the point of sports and competition itself. We always welcome our opponent’s fan groups in Velenje. In a match, we might be on the opposite side, but before and after the match, we are all great friends. Violence does not belong in sport. Handball and sport in general should unite people.

We support our team at every home match and at most away matches. It has become pretty common, that at the end of every game, regardless of the score, the players always come and say hi. After that, we chat a little, so we could say that we are very united with our team.


The unity

In addition to loud cheering, we are very united within our fan organization. We hang out a lot. In the winter, we take a lot of mountain hikes, we conclude the handball season with a full day picnic with many sports activities. Calendar year traditionally ends with a group dinner. We also participate in numerous handball tournaments for fan groups, where we meet a lot of new friends. We plan even more of such activities in the future because the only way to achieve our objectives is by staying together.

In the future, we would like to increase the number of active members of our fan group. We would also like to improve our great connection with the Handball Club Gorenje from Velenje. We want to further connect the city of Velenje, the handball club and the fan group Saleski grascaki, because that is the only way to help our ‘Wasps’, and to keep our Red Hall Velenje undefeated. And lastly, we want to give back to the city and to the community, in which we grew up in and where we live. Our heart beats for the city of Velenje.