TATRAN PRESOV FANS: ‘The goal of a real fan is clear – to support their team for better or worse!’

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March 7, 2017
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March 15, 2017
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TATRAN PRESOV FANS: ‘The goal of a real fan is clear – to support their team for better or worse!’

Find us at the C stand

At the moment the fan club of TATRAN Presov does not exist. It has been officially inactive since 2014. Within the frame of current fan basis there are at about 35 fans of TATRAN Presov handball team, who usually sit in the C Stand of TATRAN Handball Arena and encourage their favourite club. The members of the group irregularly organize the trips to support TATRAN in competitions all around Europe.

The modern era fan organization of TATRAN Presov handball team was established, when the new owner of TATRAN took over and rebuilt the club in summer 2001. In the beginning Milan Lozak was one of the founding members of the new fan club, who led the fan organization until the time the number of club members had fallen from at about 100 to 50 people. Then he was followed by Miroslav Kozlej.

The fan club is concentrated in C Stand at home matches of TATRAN. The fans encourage and cheer the players up loudly with the support of drums and whistles. They are backed up by the brass music of Jozef Kakascik and LABI majorettes. If TATRAN play away matches, the handball club organizes fan trips in order to support the players of TATRAN. After these games the members of fan club discuss the matches with players, encourage them and support them for better or worse.


‘The encounters have turned into friendships’

There cannot be any space for violence at the sport events. The friendly atmosphere is the right thing that can support every game, but also time before and after the game. The best possible example is our friendly relationship with the fan club from Slovakia (HC Sporta Hlohovec, HKM Sala) and Europe (SC Magdeburg, Telekom Veszprem, PPD Zagreb) at away matches in their sports halls, where we are heartily welcomed by them. They also help us with any problem we have.


The players, coaches, the whole team support us. The club owner provides financial support to secure transport of the fanTs for away games abroad. We also meet the players at informal sessions after the matches.


We regularly meet the members of fan club of HC Sporta Hlohovec at our mutual games. Our encounters have changed into friendships. We like to sit down and have an informal chat with them. We are also willing to help them any problems in Presov or Hlohovec. When TATRAN and Hlohovec played together at the final of the Czech – Slovakian Cup 2015 in Prague, we went together to visit some sights in the Czech capital. Another reminiscence is connected with Magdeburg. We came there early in the morning on one day in 2012. The fans of SC Magdeburg were waiting for us and prepared some hot soup with a slice of bread for us. Then they took us to the sport hall and offered us an interesting cultural program for an entire day.


One goal

The goal of the true fans is clear – to support their own club, their player for better or worse. It is even more important when the team does not have successful period and loses support from majority of fans. The true fans show their character in such tough moments. And players, coaches, the whole team have to feel that they are backed up by their real fans in such hard situations.