Vardar and Telekom Veszprem chasing VELUX EHF Final4 title!
May 8, 2017
Hello Cologne!
May 28, 2017

For  me,  being  a  sportsman  was  always  a  symbol  of  true  values.  It  represents the greatest  human qualities, friendship, hospitality, team spirit, bravery and much more. However, I must admit that my thoughts on this  always  ends  with  handball  as  the  root of  all  that.  My childhood,  growing  up  in  a  place known for handball giants and family that is connected to this sport are the things that made me enter the world of handball.

The  drive  that  I  get  when  I watch a  match  is  one  of the  things  that  can  cheer  me  up  no matter how bad I  feel. My  first handball  match was  in 2000, in  Crvenka. My  father took me to see  the match – I  was  only  six.  I  could  barely  differentiate “our  team”  from “their  team”.  I realized  then (and understood  later)  that  handball  is  one of  the  sports  where  you  can witness beautiful passes and goals in which the whole team participates, and which, in the end, result in great goals.  People often say: ‘When  you wish  for something hard enough,  it will come true –  you will  find what you search for’.

When I arrived in the big city for college, I got the opportunity to work at the World  Handball  Championship  for  Women  in  2013  in  Serbia.  As  a  volunteer,  I  had  the opportunity to be the guide  for the teams of  Australia and  Angola. I  met  many  new people and built friendships that will last a lifetime.

The  next  challenge  and  some of  my  favorite  experiences  were  working  at  the  FINAL  4  of  SEHA League  in  Novi  Sad and working for the next SEHA FINAL 4 in Varazdin. I experienced working with the best teams of South East European handball. Besides that, we made friendships and memories that remain despite the distance between us. We are connected.


Tamara Plavsic, HC Vardar fan