Hello Cologne!
May 28, 2017
Ajde Vardare is the song which every handball fan knows since Sunday evening!
June 5, 2017

The creme de la creme of European handball is at one place this weekend – German Cologne. All eyes are on the four best teams which qualified for the VELUX EHF FINAL4. Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, Vardar and Telekom Veszprem will fight for the most prestigious club’s title.

Cologne is ready for the biggest handball event of the season. The city of handball, as they call it, screams that something big is about to happen this weekend. Fans of Vardar, Veszprem, Barca and Paris are on the streets, celebrating their team’s success. But not only fans of the four participating teams are coloring the streets and Lanxess Arena, fans of Kiel, Flensburg, Rhein Neckar Loewen. The handball history is written here and everyone want to be a part of it.

It’s time for Vardar, Veszprem, Barcelona and PSG to rise and shine, to show their best, to make their fans proud and for the fans, it’s time to show who is the loudest and who can be the 8th player of their club!

Hello Cologne, we are here to see the best handball in Europe!