Expecting the experience of a lifetime!

Season 7 of SEHA – Gazprom League is upon us!
July 5, 2017
The first round of SEHA- Gazprom League in review
September 4, 2017

To begin with – I am very happy to be a volunteer!

Thanks for the invitation!

Frankly speaking, I’ve never been that interested in handball. The biggest reason being, in my native town, there was no handball at all. That’s why I felt no need to be interested in it. However, now I am reading a lot of articles about this sport, learning about the teams and the players, watching videos… It all seems very, very interesting.

I’ve learned about this event from the Dean of our Faculty. He told us that SEHA – Gazprom League needed plenty of volunteers for the help and it got me interested. As I am very active and outgoing, I have immediately decided to apply and try myself out as a volunteer.

I like it because it’s a good linguistic practice, new acquaintances and a real help to the people who work hard and need it indeed!

I will do my best!


Alina Ryabykh