SEHA- Gazprom League- Round 3 in review
September 13, 2017
SEHA- Gazprom League- round 5 in review
October 23, 2017

SEHA- Gazprom League is slowly starting to heat up. 20 games are behind us, 70 are still left, so there is still plenty of time for teams to show what they’re capable of. We had two draws this week, both including Croatian and Slovenian teams, whereas Vojvodina picked up the first win of the season. Everything you need to know about Round 4 is here!

Meshkov Brest- Dinamo 29:26 (17:14)

Meshkov grabbed a hugely important win against Kielce during the weekend in Round 1 of the Champions League. Given that, it was no surprise seeing them rest some players versus Dinamo on Tuesday. The Belarusians still took this one pretty seriously and ultimately got what they wanted- 3 points. They were in full control over the course of the match and didn’t let the lead slip in the second half. Dinamo can be proud of that performance, they gained some valuable experience, even taking the lead at some point in the first half. Djordjic and Razgor led the hosts with 7 goals each with Kulak providing 8 assists. Meanwhile for Dinamo, Saponjic scored 6 and Banduka added 5 in a performance Dinamo can look back and be proud of.

Derby of the round: PPD Zagreb- Celje PL 25:25 (16:14)

After a draw in Sweden against Kristianstad, Zagreb recorded another one, this time against their old rivals Celje. The hosts had the lead for most of the match, they were even up by 5 a few times and it should have been more. Urban Lesjak pulled a bunch of heroic saves and almost single-handedly kept his team in the match. Inspired by their traveling fans, Celje got back into the match, taking the lead as the final whistle was approaching. Jaka Malus had a chance to win it for the Slovenian champions, but his shot was stopped by Matevz Skok. Mandalinic scored 5 for PPD Zagreb, so did Mackovsek for Celje, but the match was full of beautiful goals, even better saves, not to mention the incredible atmosphere during the whole match. This round’s derby might be the match of the season so far!

Vardar- Tatran Presov 32:28 (18:11)

The reigning European and SEHA champions remained unbeaten in a match against Tatran. There’s not much to say what hasn’t been said already; Vardar are playing really well, they grab the lead early and keep hold of it for the rest of the match. Their incredible depth is the thing that stands out the most, now that they have Cindric and Moraes back their squad got even deeper. Five players scored 4 goals, the Macedonians looked unstoppable at times. Tatran played a decent match; Butorac continued his fine form scoring 8 goals which means he is now the league’s top scorer with 29 goals in 4 matches. Slavko Goluza will hope his team does better defensively in the future, as the Slovakian champions try to battle for a spot on the Final 4 tournament.

Vojvodina- Metalurg 21:19 (11:11)

Even though the Serbian champions had a tough start of the season, they still enjoyed nice support from their loyal fans in Novi Sad. Their task was even more difficult knowing the club had recently sacked their head coach Bosko Rudic. However, the team had time to prepare for this one and they definitely did that well, picking up the first 3 points of the season. Metalurg traveled to France last week, but lost to the French giants Montpellier. The Serbian champions were led by Vukasin Stojanovic who scored 6, but really it all came down to great defence, especially late in the game. Kuzmanovski was the stand-out performer for the visitors from Skopje scoring 5 goals. Can Vojvodina use this momentum to do better in the next few games?

Nexe- Gorenje Velenje 24:24 (12:13)

Another match between a Croatian and a Slovenian team and another draw in Round 4. In a match full of twists and turns a draw is probably the fairest outcome. It was a great match, with a lot highlights including some great saves and beautiful assists. Nexe got a nice defensive boost, as Mrdenovic recovered from an injury sustained against Zagreb in the first round. Sasa Barisic Jaman was the top scorer for the Nasice-based team with 7 goals and 3 assists. Ferlin was once again a backbone of his team, making 14 saves proving once more to be reliable option in goal for Gorenje.

We have a short break from SEHA- Gazprom League in handball, but we are up and running in October! Incredible atmosphere in this round’s matches, make sure to support your team in the following games!