Meet Poki – the Celje PL mascot
October 28, 2017
October 31, 2017

Be8player and SEHA – Gazprom League are giving away prizes! Support your team, tell us what you like about it, come to the match and invite your friends. Take some photos with the players, have fun and don’t forget to use #be8player!

This year’s contest starts on the 31st of October and ends on the 21th of December 2017, when we reveal the final winner. There are 3 rounds and a lot of prizes!



Round One starts on the 31th of October at 6 pm, with a promotional video that is to be aired on all social media platforms and an official website. Every fan of SEHA – Gazprom League club who is participated in this season (2017/2018) can take part in Round 1. Clubs are: Celje Pivovarna Lasko, Dinamo, Gorenje Velenje, Meshkov Brest, Metalurg, Nexe, PPD Zagreb, Tatran Presov, Vardar and Vojvodina. To enter the contest all you have to do is leave a comment on the promo video post either on Facebook or Instagram. The comment has to feature your favourite SEHA team and what makes it so special or why is that specific team your favourite. It is important to have the most likes, as 20 people (2 for each 10 teams) will be headed to Round 2. You have time for collecting likes until the 9th of November at 23:59.

Round Two will have 20 people featuring in it, those will be the people with the most likes on the post. 10 people are going to be picked from Instagram and 10 from Facebook. If one social media channel does not have a comment from one of the teams’ fans, we will take two people with the most likes from the other social media network. We will publish the names of 20 people who have a chance to feature in Round 2 on the 10th of November at 12 noon. Those people have to contact us via Facebook or Instagram until the 12th of November 23:59. Those who enter the Round 2 automatically win 2 match tickets for a home match of their favourite team. Match tickets can be used until the 17th of December 2017. On top of that, contestants are going to receive a be8player t-shirt.



Round two will see 2 fans of each of the 10 SEHA – Gazprom League featuring in season 2017/2018 compete between themselves. The second round starts on the 13th of November and goes until the 24th of November. Those 20 contestants need to send us a photo of themselves and any handball player. The photos need to be sent from the 13th of November 12 noon until the 16th of November at 23:59. The important thing is that the player on the photo is, or was, a professional handball player, it does not have to be one of the players from the SEHA – Gazprom League. The received photos are then going to be published only on Facebook, on the 17th of November at 12 noon.

On Facebook, all the photos will be in the album ‘Be8player Round 2’. Every photo will have a description containing the name of the contestant and his favourite team. Then, it is time for the fans to collect likes on their photos because the 10 fans (one for each SEHA team) with the most likes on their photos go to Round 3. Fans will have time until 23:59 on the 23th of November to get the most likes. The fans’ task is to collect likes, as 10 photos with the most likes from each club advance to the third and final round of the contest. In other words, one fan from each of the 10 SEHA teams will head to the final round, meaning 10 people in total. We will publish 10 fans’ names on the 24th of Novemeber at 12 noon on Facebook. Again, those fans have to contact us via Facebook until 23:59 on the 26th of November. 10 winners of Round 2 automatically win a gift package from their favourite team. 



The third, final round of the contest begins on the 27th of November 2017 at 12 noon and finishes for your assignments on the 4th of December 2017 at 23:59. During that timespan, 10 winners from Round 2 have to send us their creative work via Facebook. It is important that the work is creative and contains something modern and related to the 7th season of the SEHA – Gazprom League (a mascot, players, playing court…) It can be: a drawing (water colors, crayons, pastels or a simple pencil), a painting or even work in Photoshop. It is important that it is an image, not a video, music or any other multimedia content. The images received by 23:59 on 4th of December will be printed and the winner will be decided by the players from each club. The decision-making process will go on from the 5th of December until the 21th of December. The winner’s name is going to be released on the 21th of December at 12 noon via Facebook live video. That is also the end of the contest. One lucky final prize winner is going to be awarded with the SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 all inclusive tickets. If the winner is an under-age person, the co-traveler must be an adult.

Thank you for participating and good luck! #be8player


The full breakdown of the contest:

Round 1 – Leave a comment on why you support your team, how did you start or what makes your team so special. 2 fans of each 10 SEHA teams will go to Round 2. Note: It has to be a team playing in the 7th season of the SEHA- Gazprom League.

Round 2 – 20 people remain in the contest and all of them will have received a be8player t-shirt and match tickets for one of the SEHA – Gazprom League matches. This time, the contestants need to send us a photo (via Facebook) of them and a professional handball player. It does not have to be a SEHA- Gazprom League player, he can even be retired, as long as he played or still plays handball professionally. The photos will then be published on Facebook and Instagram and 1 fan from each team with the most likes is headed to Round 3.

Round 3 – Only 10 people are left in the contest and all of them will receive another prize – a gift pack from their favorite team. Now, those people have to send us their creative work via Facebook (a drawing, a painting, something did in Photoshop). The image has to contain motives related to the 7th season of the SEHA – Gazprom League. The players will then choose the best image and the final winner will be awarded an all-inclusive SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 tickets for 2 people.