SEHA- Gazprom League- round 5 in review
October 23, 2017
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October 26, 2017

In round 6 both Serbian teams recorded similar losses at home, Vardar defeated PPD Zagreb in a SEHA classic. Another Skopje team was not as successful, as Gorenje grabbed really valuable 3 points in a Final 4 battle.

Vardar- PPD Zagreb 30:23 (17:10)

Maybe two of the biggest names in the SEHA- Gazprom League squared off in the sixth round. The match was not as close as Zagreb would have liked, but can only blame themselves. The match was close until the 20th minute when Vardar simply went on an unstoppable run. Their defense became tougher, and their offense was simply more efficient. Zagreb made some crucial errors, even missing five 7 meter shots. Timur Dibirov was once again Vardar’s top performer with 6 goals and 4 assists, but Igor Karacic also added 6. Strahinja Milic was prolific in goal, stopping 17 shots. Mandalinic scored 8 for Zagreb, followed by Kontrec with 4. This is the second time Zagreb lost in Skopje, after a Champions League defeat. Can anyone stop Vardar?

Dinamo- Celje PL 26:37 (11:20)

A good, high scoring game for both sides. Celje jumped to an early lead which gave Tamse a chance to rest some key players for a bit longer. A dominant performance from the Slovenian champions gave Dinamo no chance, despite a good comeback attempt in the second half. Jan Jurecic scored 7 for Celje, with 3 more players adding 5 goals- Vujovic, Mitrovic and Mlakar. Dinamo can definitely take some positives from this match, but they were aware of how strong Celje actually are. Top scorer for the hosts was Luka Jovanovic with five 7m goals. Banduka added 4, and Petar Zujovic had 5 assists.

Vojvodina- Meshkov Brest 27:36 (9:17)

A really similar game to the one in Pancevo. Vojvodina were just outclassed in this one, but the second half was much better, when Meshkov slowed down a bit. The Belarusian champions were consistent enough not to let the lead slip at any point, proving to simply be a better team than Vojvodina. Alexander Shkurinskiy led the visitors with 9 goals and Igropulo chipped in with 6. Rade Mijatovic had 10 saves to bag another win. Grozdanic led his team with 6 goals, but had no other real help. It is interesting that Meshkov could not count on their entire team, as they had a match in the Belarusian championship, but they opted out to mainly play their domestic players in that one. Still, a good win and another 3 points for Meshkov.

Metalurg- Gorenje Velenje 24:29 (14:16)

Gorenje was more successful in the battle of vice-champions and this win could be really important for the rest of the season. Babic’s team is in high spirits and currently enjoy a terrific season. This match was really close, despite the scoreline not reflecting it and Metalurg played well, but similar to the match in Zagreb could not end the match on a high. Potocnik scored 5 goals and three more players were there with 4 to lead Gorenje to a fantastic team win. Young prodigy Halil Jaganjac led Metalurg with 6 goals, but had no other help apart from Andjelic and Dimitrioski who scored 4 each. Metalurg’s young squad definitely offer something new in every match and are really fun to watch at times. The results will follow!

Nexe- Tatran Presov 23:27 (15:13)

This match can easily be called the friendly derby, as both teams engaged in a terrific book donation to the Nasice city library! However, the match was truly competitive and both teams were eager to grab the 3 points. Nexe opened the match with some great goals and held a nice lead at the half. Srsen and Koncul were great in the first 30 minutes, but everything went downhill from there. Horvat’s team only scored 8 goals in the second half, and Tatran took advantage of that with some nice goals. Newcomer Lapajne stood out for the Slovakians with 6 goals, but Tomas Cip had 7 and Bruno Butorac once more had 6 to keep himself on top of the scorers list of the SEHA- Gazprom League. Nexe were led by Ivan Srsen with 8 goals.


We can’t wait for Novemeber and more SEHA action. Up next is the international team week. Make sure to pick winners on our Instagram stories and keep an eye on be8player social media in the upcoming weeks. #be8player