Ivana Vukov: “My lifetime wish coming true!“

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November 22, 2017
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November 24, 2017
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Ivana Vukov: “My lifetime wish coming true!“

“It was a beautiful and an unforgettable day. I know my family has been planning and wasn’t sure whether we’ll go to the match featuring RK Zagreb and Rhein Neckar Loewen on the December 1st 2016. I remember coming to Zagreb, not knowing the way to the Arena, since we come from a small town, everything was a bit unusual. After an hour, we arrived to a really big Arena Zagreb. We got in and I got a courtside pass, and had access to the players. I was overwhelmed, my heart was filled with happiness. Honestly, I almost broke down in tears how happy I had been.

I think not a lot of fans have a chance to get something like that. It was really indescribable. RK Zagreb won 25:21. After the match, I went to the dressing room and took a picture with my favourite and the best player Zlatko Horvat. The feeling was beautiful, really. I took a few photos with some other Zagreb players, like Stipe, Joso, Stivi… Impression from that match were in my mind for a month. It was my lifetime wish coming true. I think it was the most beautiful moment, and something I’m going to remember for my entire life.“

Ivana Vukov, PPD Zagreb fan

Photo: Ivana Vukov