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November 24, 2017
Meet the mascot of Meshkov Brest
December 8, 2017

On the first look at the mascot, there is something unusual, but very appealing about this mascot. Metalko is an elephant, which is funny since no elephants live near Macedonia. But, it does not mean Metalurg got it wrong with their choice. On the contrary, Metalko the elephant was a complete success, especially with the children.

The mascot was introduced in September of 2011, firstly in the Champions League match. That means it is one of the oldest mascots we have. Metalurg did not take long to choose the mascot, as it was one of the first designs they had. It was an easy choice, when they saw an elephant wearing a Metalurg jersey, they knew it was an immediate winner. And the decision was good, an elephant represents power and success, which is a sign of how motivated and devoted the people in this club are.

Metalko is children’s best friend during matches. The mascot often walks with them around the court, showing them how to support Metalurg in a right way. The kids have grown fond of the mascot and definitely attended some matches, not just to see good handball, but also to spend time with their favorite mascot. The mascot also does a good job of entertaining other fans, trying to raise the atmosphere in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Metalko is part of the entrance ceremony, where he is together with the players on the court. He is also important during breaks, as he can sometimes be seen dancing with the dancing group. All in all, the mascot reminds us that we came to have a good time at a handball match!

We are going to tell you one more thing, which not a lot of people know of. People generally get surprised when they find out that there is a young lady hiding behind the Metalko outfit. The preparations for the match are not easy, and you need to stay hydrated all the time. We salute all mascots, but Metalko the elephant might be one of our favorites!