Meet Pika the wasp – Gorenje’s mascot

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November 12, 2017
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Wasps are generally very annoying, persistent, but small creatures. They are quite a unique combination of a small body with a lot of power. Symbolically, they present the spirit of the Slovenian club – Gorenje Velenje.

Gorenje’s symbol has been a wasp for a very long time. The club management wanted to reintroduce the wasp 2 years ago. That is when a mascot – Pika the wasp (Osa Pika) was reborn – on the 19th of November 2015. It really was the only logical choice for the club, as their mindset is similar to a wasp – hard work, determination, stubbornness in a way, but all in a good, Fair-Play manner. That is the message Gorenje Velenje wants to transmit to the audience, especially the youngest handball fans. Hard work is the key to success. Wasps act in that way and Gorenje’s players play that way. A perfect combination!

On the other side, Pika is one of the funniest mascots you will ever see. Even though, Benny the Bull from the NBA team Chicago Bulls, claims he has the funniest Twitter account, Pika disagrees. She also gets really angry at everyone who thinks Benny the Bull is funnier. As a wasp, everyone around the club know they should not get into Pika’s way when she’s mad. Sometimes when the referees make a mistake, Pika gives them a stink eye. However, everything is in the Fair Play spirit. During a match she likes to spend time with the fans. Saleski grascaki fan group is always pleased to have Pika with them, as they always have fun and cheer the players on.

Preparations are not easy, so Pika has a secret corner in the Red Hall, where she prepares and warms up for the match. It’s never easy to move around the hall pre, during and even post match. Pika entertains the crowd, dances and is simply the number one fan of Gorenje Velenje. She is so keen that sometimes she listens to the opposing team’s instructions! Apart from cheering the players on during matches, Pika likes to make everyone happy. There is a story in which the players had a bad day, but there was Pika, bringing them her favorite honey, just to see them smiling. We’ve been told that their day immediately got sweeter!

Even though the mascot loves all the players, the rumor goes that Pika’s favorite player is Niko Medved, the club captain. It might be because Pika is eager to be a part of the team, so being friends with the captain is the way to go. Some people would go as far as saying Pika has a crush on Niko, but that’s just wild guess. Or is it?

There is not much more to say about this mascot. Lively, energetic, always ready to have some fun or honey, this big wasp is a perfect representation of Handball club Gorenje Velenje. A combination of hard work and playfulness, all in one mascot – Pika the wasp!