Meet Pika the wasp – Gorenje’s mascot
November 15, 2017
Meet Nestor – Tatran’s mascot
November 22, 2017

There were a lot of goals in the 7th round of the SEHA- Gazprom League, especially in the Vardar- Dinamo and Tatran- Vojvodina matches. The fans could have enjoyed some spectacular goals and some exciting matches played in one of the strongest leagues in Europe.

Celje PL- Nexe 27:27 (12:12)

A mid-week clash where Celje had a chance to rest some of their key players. Nexe had injury struggles, but both teams played hard and settled for a point. Nexe were ultimately happier with a draw than Celje. Sasa Barisic-Jaman led his team with 7 goals and 6 assists. Marko Buvinic scored 5 goals and Kristian Pilipovic had 9 saves in a solid Nexe performance. On the other side, Gal Marguc scored 7 goals for Celje, David Razgor had 4 goals and 6 assists and Beciri added 5 more. As usual, ‘Florijani’ were there to cheer their team on and did a good job.

Gorenje Velenje- PPD Zagreb 23:25 (14:12)

It was a really tough and close match, but ultimately the individual quality of Zagreb’s players Markovic and Mandalinic made a difference. Gorenje are having a really good season, especially in the Champions League, so this match was really important in the Final 4 battle. Markovic scored 9 goals, Stipe Mandalinic had 8, as the back court duo was simply unstoppable for the home team. Niko Medved and Nejc Cehte combined for 11 goals for Gorenje. PPD Zagreb won in a really nice atmosphere in Velenje, it might have been the match of the season for them.

Vardar- Dinamo 42:32 (20:17)

Highest scoring game of the season. Dinamo can be proud of their performance, especially with the bigger part of the first half, when they were even in a lead against the European champions. Still, both teams were disappointing defensively, not giving their goalkeepers a real chance to make saves. It was an entertaining match, particularly for the youngest fans who were able to enjoy a lot of goals. Marsenic, Canellas and Cupic were Vardar’s top performers. Saponjic scored a game-high 8 goals for Dinamo in this high scoring affair.

Tatran Presov- Vojvodina 35:26 (22:11)

From the very start, it was noticeable Vojvodina would struggle in this match, as Tatran proved to be a much better team in this one. However, Slavko Goluza was not happy with the second half performance, as Tatran seemingly got lazier and slower in defense, allowing Vojvodina to score more goals. Lukas Urban had a fantastic match with 8 goals and 9 assists, but had help in Bruno Butorac who was dangerous as always. Tomas Cip also had a nice game with 9 goals. Milan Jovanovic led the Serbian champions with 6 goals, but the fans will not be happy with that performance.

Meshkov Brest- Metalurg 35:30 (18:17)

Metalurg played with an extra player for pretty much the entire match, so they were well aware of the risks. Meshkov were able to punish quite a few mistakes made by the young away team in those situations. The crowd definitely enjoyed every goal their team was able to score. Metalurg could not keep with Meshkov in the second half, scoring only 13 goals. Meshkov had 5 players who scored 4 or more goals, and even the goalkeepers had 3 in total. Halil Jaganjac and Filip Kuzmanovski had 15 goals as a duo, but it was a good learning chance for this young squad, despite the loss.