Stipe Mandalinic: “I started attending matches since I was a boy“

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November 10, 2017
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November 15, 2017
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Stipe Mandalinic: “I started attending matches since I was a boy“

“I started attending matches since I was a boy, watching my idols as a fan. It’s a very nice feeling and a great experience – when you watch big matches with other fans. The atmosphere, top class players on the court, people singing with all their voice and heart is fantastic and unforgettable. As a young fan, I experienced it even more and a lot of it is still in my memory.

Going to matches was a frequent conversation topic with my friends, as I was talking about it a lot. One of the best memories which I like to recall is when Blazenko Lackovic, my idol back then, came to me and signed my t-shirt.

Considering I play handball professionally, I’m now in a player role, rather than a fan. But nevertheless, I still get irritated as a player and as a fan. You are definitely nervous when you’re not on the roster, but you’re always there with your team, and you would give everything to be there on the court with them. As a player, I always get mad at myself because of the mistakes I made.

Playing in front of our fans, in front of full stands, in the atmosphere in which you feel how the fans carry you and cheer you on at any moment is a priceless and beautiful feeling that helps the players. The fans motivate us to win, they are our 8th player and the wind in  our backs; they help the team to perform better.

I want to invite all the fans to support us in big numbers at home matches, but also in away ones if possible. Your voice from the stands, every clap and whistle trigger us to achieve even better results!“