Meet the mascot of Meshkov Brest
December 8, 2017
What was happening in SEHA December?
December 29, 2017

After almost 2 months, we are proud to finally announce the winner of our contest! The fans collected hundreds of likes on their comments in the First Round, and 14 of them went to Round Two. That time, they sent us their fan photos for a chance to win 2 all-inclusive SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 tickets. In the meantime, we gave away t-shirts, match tickets and some nice gift packs from fans’ favorite teams.

The Final Round had 7 fans competing for the final prize! Everyone sent us their creative work- drawings, work in Photoshop, and we even had a Christmas ornament. All seven fans made an effort to do their best, and we really loved every piece of work.

We printed them out and sent them to the SEHA – Gazprom League players. The final decision was on them! Players from different SEHA clubs made their decision and chose their favorite work. It wasn’t a unanimous decision, but we can proudly say that the winner is a Dinamo fan from Pancevo – Nemanja Malicanin!  Congratulations to Nemanja and everyone who participated in this year’s contest!

Nemanja had drawn 10 players, from 10 different SEHA – Gazprom League teams. There are 5 goalkeepers and 5 outfield players on the drawing, including 3 of his favorite players: Darko Arsic from Metalurg, Rastko Stojkovic from Meshkov Brest and Igor Chupryna from Tatran Presov. Majority of the players seem to have liked Nemanja’s drawing the most, and those who were on the drawing were even more please. Vedran Zrnic even decided to share the work on his Instagram account!