Meet Metalko – the mascot of Metalurg
November 30, 2017
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December 21, 2017

Our series of stories about mascots in the SEHA – Gazprom League cannot go without a story about Meshkov’s mascot. Their Bison is definitely one of the most entertaining mascots around the league, and fans’ favorite in Brest.

The mascot was created 4 years ago, but Meshkov decided to change the image of the mascot at the start of last season. It is still a bison, and has historically represented Belovezhski Nature Reserve and the Brest region in general. A bison is usually seen as an aggressive, mobile and fast animal, which the club thought to be a perfect fit to represent their first team and the entire club. Their mascot is one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle, as it quite successfully represents the club’s ambition and does a good job entertaining the fans.

During home matches the mascot is all over the Arena, it takes photos with the fans, tries to entertain everyone in the crowd, particularly the youngest fans. The kids absolutely love the mascot, and enjoy hanging out with their favorite bison. During time-outs the mascot goes a step beyond that and even tries dancing with the cheerleaders, just to make the people laugh. But to be fair, over the years the bison has become quite a good dancer!

Rastko Stojkovic is the favorite handball player of the mascot, while Veszprem is his favorite opponent. Apparently the mascot dislikes the red color, and Veszprem’s jerseys are usually red. The mascot is usually always extra prepared for matches against the Hungarians, but they do not play in the SEHA- Gazprom League this season. They’ll have to wait for their chance to play them in Champions League.

All in all, the bison is one of the most entertaining mascots around the league. He is the kids’ hero, and provides them with a lot of fun moments during home matches. He represents club’s ambition and will to succeed!