What was happening in SEHA December?
December 29, 2017
Fans’ heart is bigger and bigger
January 25, 2018

The start of every year is reserved for excitement, uncertainty and a lot of action on handball courts. Being 8th player is a special experience full of emotions, fear and hope. This year’s European stage took place in Croatia which was flooded by fans from different teams.

As expected, the stands are mostly coloured in white and red hats and shirts. The home nation Croatia was carried by incredible atmosphere from the stands in Split in every game. Over 10 thousand people supported Lino Cervar’s team with full voice. No one even thought about sitting down in all three games in Spaladium Arena.

Icelandic and Swedish fans were competition to the amazing fans in Split. People from Nordic countries traveled to Croatia in big numbers and full of optimism, despite the distance. Always happy and relaxed, especially in breaks between the matches, they found time to enjoy the sun, sea and warm weather.

Arena Zagreb was overwhelmed with yellow and red flags; Macedonians surprised us all at this EURO, and their togetherness is one of the nicest stories so far. Slovenians didn’t find it too difficult to travel to their neighbours Croatia and support the players. When the players are able to celebrate a victory or share the pain after a bad result with their friends, it is an undescribable feeling and mutual pleasure.

Norweigans felt the most encouragement in Porec. The streets in Town and the stands in Zatika hall was dominated by red-white-blue flags and wigs. They surprised by the sun and the traveling fans from Norway only had nice words for the hosts.

In Varazdin Arena there was no lack of fun and laughter. Shouts of encouragement, whistles, claps and friendliness that is developed in the arena is a reminder that handball is more than just a sport. The grownups and the kids with tears in their eyes who follow their idols awaiting every new match are a proof that the handball players are supported at all times. The second round of the EURO is under way, the players need you. Come support them and be their 8th player!