7th SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 in numbers

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April 19, 2018
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April 25, 2018
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7th SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 in numbers

during the Final Tournament - Final match - PPD Zagreb vs Vardar - Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom league, Skopje, 15.04.2018, Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/ Nebojsa Tejic

Another successful SEHA – Gazprom Final 4 is behind us! Vardar one yet another title and proved to be one of the best teams in Europe. PPD Zagreb did well in both matches, but came up second. Meshkov Brest struggled to overcome many injuries and finished 4th, losing to Celje PL in the third place match. In the end the teams’ positions stayed the same as in the regular season.

2 – The second time Skopje hosted the SEHA Final 4 tournament. PPD Zagreb won their only title in 2013, when the tournament was last played in Macedonia.

3 – out of 4 teams appeared at the previous Final 4 tournament. Celje PL are the only team to play their first Final 4.

4 – Vardar’s title defence means this is their fourth SEHA title.

5 – Assists provided by Dzmitry Nikulenkau in the 3rd place match. The most by any player in one match at the tournament.

7 – Domagoj Pavlovic from PPD Zagreb managed to score 7 goals in the second half of the semi-final clash. He also scored the game winning goal in the last minute.

8 – PPD Zagreb’s Zlatko Horvat was the top scorer of the final match with 8 goals. 7 of those came from the 7m line.

8 – Viacheslau Shumak scored 8 goals for Meshkov Brest when taking both matches into account. He is the only player from his team to be included in the Final 4 All-star team.

9 – Meshkov Brest right winger Maksim Baranau scored 9 goals against Vardar in the semi-final. It was not enough as Vardar achieved a 9-goal victory.

12 – Nations represented at the 7th SEHA Final 4, including Latvia, France and Spain.

16 – Urban Lesjak was one of Celje PL’s key players in the 3rd place match with 16 saves.

17 – The 17 year old Domen Makuc proved to be one of Celje PL’s key players in Skopje with 5 goals in each match.

18 – MVP Luka Cindric was directly involved in 18 goals in 2 matches. He scored 11, and assisted on 7.

25 – Number of Croatian players at the tournament, the most well-represented country.

28 – Arpad Sterbik recorded 28 saves, including 20 against Meshkov Brest in the semi-final.

48 – Vardar allowed the least goals of all teams. They conceded 48 in total; 24 in both matches.

52 – Number of goals scored by Meshkov Brest.

55 – Number of goals scored by PPD Zagreb.

59 – Both Vardar and Celje PL scored 59 goals in two matches. Vardar of course won the title, Celje PL came third.

67 – Aljaz Panjtar’s save percentage on 7m shots. Celje PL’s goalkeeper is the only one to save a penalty in both matches played.

94 – In total there were 94 matches played this season. 90 in the regular season and 4 at the Final 4 in Skopje.

154 – Volunteers gained precious experience working at the Final 4.

170 – Journalists and technical staff were involved in covering the event.

195 – A total number of goals that were scored at the Final 4 tournament.

240 – Number of minutes of top quality handball that was played during the Final 4 tournament.

470 – People that were involved in the organisation of the tournament.

610 – The distance PPD Zagreb had to travel to Skopje, in kilometres.

681 – The distance Celje PL had to travel to Skopje, in kilometres.

1136 – The distance Meshkov Brest had to travel to Skopje, in kilometres.

6000 – The capacity of SC Jane Sandanski. It was sold out for the final day.