Road to Final 4 – Mackovsek: “‘Handball is my biggest love”

Counting down the days until the Final 4 in Skopje!
April 4, 2018
Finally is here!
April 10, 2018
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Road to Final 4 – Mackovsek: “‘Handball is my biggest love”

Borut Mackovsek is one of Celje PL’s best players. Even though he is only 25, he already has a lot of experience in handball. This season, he was one of the leaders of this young team, a team that is making its first SEHA Final 4 appearance.

‘Prior to taking up handball, I tried many sports including gymnastics, rowing and swimming. But I always wanted to become a great handball player, like my brother. I hoped to become a professional.’ Some moments are special in this sport; for example, Borut stil remembers all the nervous moments before his first professional match. He is aware that something spectacular might also happen this year in Skopje; Final 4 tournaments are always special and unpredictable.

‘Considering winning the SEHA title, I think it’s going to be really hard, since Vardar are playing really well. They have a great concept. It’s going to be tough, they have a top team, a great coach and are used to be playing those kind of matches.’

Borut Mackovsek, Celje PL