hummel – official partner for the Be8player project!

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November 20, 2018
Hummel – официальный партнер Be8player!
November 24, 2018
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hummel – official partner for the Be8player project!

during the Final Tournament - Kids day - Final Four - SEHA - Gazprom league, Skopje, 14.04.2018, Mandatory Credit ©SEHA/ Nebojsa Tejic

Less than 48 hours are left until the start of the ‘Best Handball Fan Contest vol. 3’, traditional fan contest organized by the SEHA – Gazprom League. This year, the fans will have a reason more to compete in the contest. The best sportswear industry and leading handball brand became the official partner of the League’s project Be8player,including the ‘Best Handball Fan Contest vol. 3’. The Danish company will support the project and the fans with the hummel fan packages as consolidation prizes and the complete outfit package for the winner of the contest.

Love for handball at hummel is unquestionable. “We love to watch skillful handball players giving their best on the court and pushing each other to the limits. But what we love even more, is to see how the handball fans give everything to support their team – especially in the SEHA-Gazprom League where the atmosphere is always amazing. So at hummel we always strive to give something back to the fans because we know how important they are to the players and to the sport of handball in general. That’s why we decided to be a part of the #be8playerproject. It’s a great platform with a great purpose that we can only appreciate”, says hummel representative Jonas Sauermilch.

Furthermore, team spirit, one of the main characteristics of the Be8player project is one of the major pillars of hummel as a company as well. Jonas Sauermilch explained what does the involvement of hummel in Be8player project mean to the company. “It means a lot to everyone at hummel. Team sport is one of the major pillars of hummel as a company – and especially handball means a lot to hummel at the moment. We have expanded our network of sponsor clubs and from 2019 we are also an official partner of theInternational Handball Federation. But the key for us is to reach out to the fans and here #be8player is an essential platform for us.”

Hummel has a simple equation: no fans, no handball. “We don’t want to be just another sponsor, we want to get involved. We want to interact with the fans. We want to understand the fans.What do they want? What do they need? How do they see the sport of handball? We want to get closer to the fans. Get to know them. Because we believe that a close relationship between fans, players, sponsors and other stakeholders is the key to building a bright future for the sport of handball”, Sauermilchconcluded.

So, it is time for fans to get ready for the third handball fan contest and to win great prizes!