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December 10, 2018
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December 12, 2018
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Meet Anja Miksa, PPD Zagreb’s fan

We don’t even have to repeat how important fans’ voice is. That’s one of the key traits of SEHA – Gazprom League. That is why we decided your voice is heard again. In the next few days we will introduce eighth players with the photos they sent for the Best Handball Fan Contest vol.3. 

Anja Miksa is one of many PPD Zagreb fans, coming from Zagreb. Handball is a sport with many emotions, and that makes it very appealing for younger audience. Anja was not different, she started watching handball when she was seven years old. Not just PPD Zagreb’s matches, but also Croatian national team, that is just so incredibly popular! “I have only missed a couple of PPD Zagreb matches in recent years. Whenever I have a chance to go and watch the match, I’m there. I really enjoy it and watching Zagreb’s matches is a ‘must’ for me“.

Anja told us here favourite player is – who else, but Zlatko Horvat, PPD Zagreb’s legendary captain. She watched him play numerous times, in his two jerseys – Zagreb and Croatian national team. But there is one more player she finds very special, and it’s another big name. The Danish superstar playing for Paris Saint-Germain – Mikkel Hansen! Anja shared one of her favourite memories with us: “I have a lot of great handball memories, but maybe the best one happened in 2016. I talked to Mikkel Hansen after the match and even got a chance to take with him! He is one of my favourite handball players, right after Zlatko Horvat, and I have always wanted to meet him and talk to him. That was a really great experience and a great handball memory“.

We remember some matches more than others. When our favourite player scores a goal in the last second to win the match. When our favourite team beats the main rivals. For Anja, she was lucky enough to see one of the most amazing matches in recent handball history live in the Arena! She also talked about the match between Croatia and Poland, that shocked the handball and sport world instantly: “Definitely, there is one handball match that I will never forget. That was the match between Croatia and Poland at the EHF Euro 2016 when Croatia had to win with 11 goals difference in order to get to the semi-finals. They managed to do that, and you know what’s the best part of that story? I was watching that miracle from the stands of Tauron Arena Krakow“.

Apart from watching handball, Anja doesn’t have that much free time. Of course, watching handball matches at home or live can take up quite a bit of time, but it’s very fun. Anja also likes to travel, read, going to the gym and just hanging out with her family and friends. 

We hope Anja will get a chance to travel to some away matches and that maybe handball and SEHA – Gazprom League take her to some cities she wouldn’t visit otherwise. Maybe she will experience handball at the SEHA Final 4? 

Anja Miksa’s photo 🙂